Styling Ideas

One of my favourite styling philosophies for my home at this particular point in time, is to simply "Make Do and Style". I am of the belief that not every thing you own or decorate your house with needs to be the most expensive heir·loom you can find; Offcourse beautiful designer pieces are lovely savvy additions to any home but they do take time and money to acquire and are not always practical for young families. There are many ways to achieve a beautiful designer look for your home hence why I am very partial to a little design craftiness and simple know how; It can transform your home and add an abundance of style, love and charm! Perhaps some of the following posts may inspire you too?

  • Thrift it
Tea, Cricket and Citronella

  • Style it

  • Follow Nature
Follow Nature! Garland Nostalgia Decoration Project 

  • DIY IT
Fisherman's Bottle Styling idea

  • Source it
Decor ideas from Etsy! Tissue Tassel Garland by Francis Moulin
  • Thrift it and Up-Cycle it

Upcycle Ceramics in the latest seasons colours 

  • Colour theme it
Introduce a colour theme: A splash of red

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