Monday, August 27, 2012

DIY- Cabinet Knob Decorations

Fancy Door/ Cabinet Knobs are gorgeous yet can be quite expensive accessories to add to a cabinet or home project, especially when you are working within a specific budget. It is a shame because these added details, albeit small, can complete a look quite fabulously! Don't you think?? With this challenge in mind, I thought I would do a quick, DIY- Hand printed, knob decoration tutorial that can be done on any wooden knob for a door or cabinet.


Wooden Door Knob
Stanley Knife
Dry sponge roller
My $3 wooden cabinet knob


Sponge/ spray paint over knob in chosen colour. Set aside to dry!

All over white wash

You will also need a design...maybe you could draw your own, use a picture or a free clip art/ downloadable. Cut carefully around your chosen image. For this project I wanted to use a simple design therefore chose an anchor. Love, love, love a coastal theme!

Stanley knife around your chosen image

This is actually my favorite part! Using a Stanley knife cut carefully around you're design. Practice really makes perfect and a seamless design is what your aiming for.

Use a Dry Sponge Roller
Use a dry sponge roller and a thick acrylic/ house paint. I do say thick because your chosen paint should have no added thinners or water. The thicker your paint is the better your hand printed design will be; you will be able to achieve quite a sharp image! Aim for the following;
  • A thick paint, 
  • Dry roller, 
  • Firm Hands 
Do have a little practice printing your design with your sponge roller and stencil before you attempt your final hand print on your door/ cabinet knob. Do be sturdy and do not move your stencil until it is complete.

When dry, paint a clear lacquer/ gloss over your door knob and hooray your project is now complete.

 Offcourse, I do have plans for some decorated door knobs for all of the bedroom doors coming off our hallway, I just need to decide on a suitable design! Yes, I will reveal one day soon! Rach x 
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Monday, August 6, 2012

A DIY Chevron Wall Hanging

DIY- Painted Chevron Wall Hanging
One very boring white wall is absolutely necessary for this project
 a white wash and some jute fabric 
some very pretty paints
and maybe some masking tape and a ruler

A space to dry and three sunny days later

Lastly a smidgen of styling to finish

Enjoy, Rach xx

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A DIY Dandelion Table Decoration


As far as good styling goes, I do not think you can fail when you simply follow nature at its loveliest; I am quite partial to natural themes and tones and believe that nature is definitely one of the best interior styling guides available. Do you have any favourite styling tricks up your sleeve that you like to follow? Or do you prefer to just wing it and play around with mixing and matching your ideas? I am quite the fan of that too!



Find an interesting shaped branch that will balance on a table
1 x ball of wool in your chosen shade 
1 x Twine ball in natural light shade
I chose to use natural coloured tones such as white or snow


Make Pom poms using both wool and twine, roughly about 4cm in diameter. A simple pom pom direction guide can be found here. They do not necessarily need to be massive pom poms, as you can see mine vary in size and more specifically in thickness. I chose to mix wool and twine for a more imperfect and highly textured look.
Using your twine, attach your pom poms to branches
You can also trim any branches/ twigs from your decoration that are not needed.

Time Required:

Allow 2hrs to complete this project however the time required may vary depending on your chosen pom pom size.

Dandelion/ Pom pom making
This has to be my favorite part to making a pom pom. I love the round beautiful shape the layers of wool make and how super spongy and textured it is.
Snipping the Pom pom

Attach Dandelions/ Pom Poms to your branch with twine
Nature Inspired themes are great

I think I like this Dandelion decoration best in our office space...a lil outdoorsy inspiration for me to enjoy