Thursday, September 27, 2012


The Word is that sweet flowers in vintage bottles, 
books stacked in colour themes on rustic coffee tables, 
textiles draped on walls and rad road side finds 
give ample, trend-defying style. 
Do you think so too?
Textile Rich by Kerry Martin at Tranquil Townhouse (also the photographer and stylist) follow on Instagram @ tranquiltownhouse. Loving the draped fabric above the comfy lounge and bright mix of cushions. Be a perfectly cosy spot for good "Chatty Kathy" and afternoon tea, don't you think?

Pink themed vignette with flower in vintage bottle and books stacked on rustic coffee table by Kylie at Stylish Settings (photography and styling also by Kylie). Follow on instagram @ sylishkylie

Lavender from the garden on rustic table by Jess Flett. Such a sweet work of art!(photography and styling also by Jess). Follow on Instagram @ jessflett

One of the best road side find's EVER by Jamie Walsh (styling and photography also by Jamie). This vintage desk rides again with new castors added to a broken leg and with sanded-back bench top. LOVE this desk and its simple soulful styling! Follow on Instagram @ Eclectic Me

I do love being able to share your great reality styling snaps! 

I will be beaching it next week with my boys however I will do my best to post a "make do and style" segment should country NSW internet allow it... In the meantime, do share any #makedoandstyle moments you have on Instagram or Twitter. I do realise, that I have been rather quite on the blog front from my own personal contribution but I just wanted to concentrate on getting this segment off the ground first.
Rach xx

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Make do and style with just one thing

 One simple thing can make a world of difference... Would you agree??

This lantern table decoration is dripped to sweet perfection adding a touch of designer edge! DIY Paint dipped milk bottle lantern by Meghan Plowman (also the stylist and photographer). Follow on Instagram @ Meghan_Plowman
Floor lamp repainted and stripped bare; it has such lovely bones! Cute reality styling too! Styled and photographed by Juz Savage. Follow on Instagram at Juzsavage
Hand crochet tablecloth revamped as a bed throw with gorgeous bedroom restyle specifically around it. Photography and Styling by Cas from Peaches and Maple. Follow on Instagram at peachesandmaple
I could not resist including another image from Peaches and Maple "Hall Stand". It is so very tricky to choose one specific thing from this image however I personally cannot get past the rustic window styling at the back. Photography and Styling by Cas from Peaches and Maple. Follow on Instagram at peachesandmaple
I love the simplicity of this idea/ image! "Greenery borrowed from outside"; Styling and Photography by Amanda Ayres from The Urban Stylist. Follow on Instagram @ theurbanstylist

Maybe you too could make do and style with just one simple thing?
 Rach x 
Linking up to Natashinoz, if you would like to check out other fab projects.

Monday, September 17, 2012


Tweet or Instagram your "make do and style" snaps. Use the #makedoandstyle

"Make do and style" is a collection of reality interior-styling snaps. You can visit last weeks "make do and style" blog posting here. I had so much fun putting it together; it is something that I am really passionate about and plan to make it a regular Thursday session. There really are some fabulous stylists and interior lovers out there who make their homes look great without things being overly perfect or by spending a complete fortune; It is reality styling at its best!

Anyone is welcome to join the "make do and style" fun.... it is simply the act of styling and injecting a little love into your home. It may be a small or large project! Take a picture of it and share via twitter/ instagram using the #makedoandstyle. The focus is more about "styling with love and smidgen of creativity" not necessarily with the price tag!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Make Do and Style

One of my favourite styling philosophies for my home at this particular point in time is to simply "Make Do and Style". I am of the belief, that not everything you own or decorate your house with, need be the most expensive designer item you're able to find. Obviously beautiful designer pieces are lovely savvy additions to any home but they do take time and money to acquire and are not always practical for young families. There are so many ways to achieve a beautiful look for your home hence why I am so very partial to a little design craftiness and simple know how; It can transform your home and add an abundance of style, love and charm!

 The following images capture the essence of "Make Do and Style" so beautifully and it has prompted me to make this a regular Thursday "make do and style" image fest for styling enthusiasts and lovelies who just love to style their homes. "Make do and style" is reality styling at its best. It is so inspiring to see, that more often than not it's the simple details that really give a space wow factor. Would you agree?? For me personally, the simple act of styling my house is deeply connected with making it into a home. I hope these adorable snaps inspire you all!
 RACH xx

Tweet or Instagram you're make do and style snaps using #makedoandstyle  

White wash frame, coral and jar with doily wrap. Styling by Carolyn at Desire Empire

Home Sweet Home. Styling & photography by Lolita. Follow @ Lolvind on Instagram
Jam jar + jute = Simple pleasures. Styling & photography by Jo at Coastal Home Love
  Imperfections are a thing of great beauty, right??

Love the simplicity and vintage style of this outdoor space. Might just have to arm wrestle Jenny at My Pink Door for her vintage plate holder ;-0! Styling & photography by Jenny at My Pink Door
Gorgeous jar styling with Jasmine flowers from the garden. Styling & photography by Rachael at Pretty Pink Peony... you can never have too many jars or flowers right? 
Love the simplicity of this chair with the rustic table and vintage cake tins. Styling and photography by Ali, You can follow @ Alipink on Instagram

Visiting here at the Brambleberry cottage and Natasha in Oz