Sunday, December 9, 2012

#makedoandstyle Giveaway

Hello, Happy Sunday to you!
What have you been up to and how was your weekend?? I have had a super lovely weekend! I enjoyed a little family birthday- celebration dinner on Friday evening and on Saturday had a lovely Xmas catch-up with some girlfriends. It was so much fun to see friends having a great time and even enjoy a little disco dance on the dance floor. Do you like the occasional disco dance? I do, I think it's very good food for the soul.

Hip Brown- Chevron Sign Give Away
Its time for the winner of the Make do and style give away. As I mentioned last week, I have been so grateful to all the very talented people who have embraced this styling tag and just wanted to say thank you, somehow. The draw included anyone who has ever tagged #makedoandstyle or ever commented on any #makedoandstyle roundups. The winner of the draw is Melissa from MisssewnsoMelissa, could you please drop me an email so we can arrange delivery? Thanks again everyone!
Rachael xx

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Make do and Style this Chrissy

Make do and Style this Christmas with lovely homemade decor

 Have you made a merry lil something this silly season? Why buy new when you can hand make something that is one of a kind, beautiful and has your own creative stamp, value and worth? For me, that is a much nicer and meaningful aesthetic! I know creative perfection is something to aim for and I understand it can also be a deterrent for many. I believe more so in having a go, at trying something new and I think that perfection will follow if you love it, enjoy it and believe in yourself enough. Go on, unleash your merry "make do and style" creative spirit this Xmas!

Love the playful-chic mood-styling that this rustic Christmas tree (made from a white washed palette with paint-chip bauble decorations) brings by Juz Savage. "Big Fat Albert cheers" for this marvellous styling and photography also by Juz Savage, follow on Instagram @ juzsavage
It's hard to not like a rustic twig Christmas tree, would you agree? Chinese doily decorations handmade for Advent twig tree by Heather from Ollie and Ruby. Styling and photography also by Heather, follow on Instagram @ ollieandruby
Very-fancy refashioned baubles on rustic twig/cross mobile with fairy lights by Sonia at Life Love and Hiccups. Super- fancy (I do love that word! ;-)) styling and photography also by Sonia, follow on Instagram @ lifelovehiccups

How stunningly beautiful is this Xmas wreath made from twigs with a touch of sparkly glamour?? by Melissa from Miss Sew and So. Beautiful styling and photography also by Melissa, follow on  Instagram @ misssewnso
* This #makedoandstyle snap chosen by me 
Do you think the humble pine-cone is the most fabulous symbol for an Australian Christmas? I do! Love this simple pine-cone ribbon decoration hung from a candle chandelier; it adds so much charm with its mix of natural and romantic-industrial. The view is also quite amaze too! Glamour styling and photography by Hayley, follow on Instagram @ mumlittle

This will be the last Make do and Style round up for this year; I simply must do a lil "give away" as a token of appreciation for everyone who has embraced it. I will do the draw this coming Sunday 09/12/12. It will include anyone that has submitted a snap with #makedoandstyle, commented on any make do and style round ups or is a follower of this blog. Have a lovely Xmas and if you do get the urge tag #makedoandstyle. Merry Xmas!
 Rach xx

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Are you feeling Merry Hairy yet??

Things have been a lil quite around here, I know... have certainly missed you all :-). Lately an annoying run of poorly children has definitely thrown a spanner into the Hip Brown works. Think they are all on the mend now, bless them ;-)! On a much more chipper and merry note, we finally have our Xmas on now... do you too?

Here is our front door. I made this wreath last year, just out of a few bits and bobs I found from home. I added some feathers just to be a tad more wild and crazy this year ;-).

My favorite Xmas colour palette is red, silver, white and natural. What are your merry hairy colours? 
Loving playing with washi tape at the moment, watch out it's kind of addictive.

Here is our Xmas wall- vignette, it turned out a tad more loud than I had actually planned. I was totally aiming for a natural soft palette, but sometime I think... whatever! I truthfully found it tricky to pass on a bright red feather purchase; tis the season for a lil glitter and silly-ness after all!  This feather Xmas wreath was soooooo easy to make. A lil wire, feathers and a glue gun, I think it cost me about $3 so very budget friendly too.  I would really love to be able to tell you who inspired me to make it, I just cant remember who?? I know, forgive me if I am sounding like some kind of vacant vessel...It may have been a magazine or someone on Instagram. All I know is that it wasn't me therefore a massive creative thankyou their way, to whoever it was! 

Are you feeling very Merry yet?? You know, I think I am!

I will be back on Thursday to do the final round up for this year of "Make do and Style- Xmas style". Think it will be time for a giveaway too, have so appreciated everyone that has tagged #makedoandstyle; from the bottom of my heart, can I just say that "you guys rock"! Have you checked out all of the photo's tagged #makedoandstyle on Instagram?? Oh you must, they are completely rad, beautifully styled and all round just great snippy snaps.

Rach xx

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Coffee-sack Deckchair Revamp

How was your weekend? For me, a "fun weekend" is being able to fit everything in whilst still being able to relax and enjoy doing a little of nothingI love doing nothing even if it is only for just 10 minutes. Do you too?  A "great weekend" is still being able to fit everything in, getting to enjoy some family time and completing a craft or decor project. It is the small things in life that make me very happy ;-). I like to remind myself of that this time of year because it can get a little crazy busy, wouldn't you agree?

I loved this deckchair from the moment I saw it.

It had such a strong frame and was beautifully made.

It was rather unloved and faded when I found it; nothing a sand, white wash and coffee- sack revamp couldn't fix though.

I particularly love the red- pink colour of its branding stamp.
Loving doing deck-chair revamps right now! So tell me, what have you been up to? Popping over to Tanya's, come check out her rad vintage ladder.

Rachael xx

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Make Do and Style for the Senses

Pictures that speak a thousand words, amplify beauty and transport you to another time and place.

I adore the sense of memory, love and history found through simple vintage-styling. Do you have a favorite vintage piece that reminds you of another moment in time?

This palette of white, charcoal, cream and red layered on a distressed mantle whispers dreamy elegance! Do you too swoon over those vintage books? They are simply divine. Where could you place some cute vintage books in your house? Styling and photography by Leah. Follow on Instagram @ leah_theinsidestory2
*Hand picked

 Sea green vintage bottles with shell and palm decoration. I do love vintage bottle styling. This vignette is so coastal-cool, with a hint of fifties styling! Photography and Styling by Cheryl from Beachcomber26
Follow on Instagram at beachcomber26
*Hand picked

A beautiful vintage pot jammed packed full of lavender. There is something so stylish about lavender in a vase; it can transform a room particularly it's smell ;-). Photography and styling by Jo from Coastal Home Love. Follow on Instagram @ coastalhomelove. This blue daisy-trio design actually brings back sweet memories from my child hood; I remember my mum had this exact design on a casserole dish... aw bless her!

Eyes of God, Photography and styling by Mia. Follow on Instagram @ Mrsmiagoding. Do you heart native American crafts? Love this gorgeous wall-vignette, especially the sweet feathered one! Also such a sweet coastal pallet of blues, green and white. So simple and inexpensive to do!
*Hand picked

Vintage lace rosette made from the lace of my mother's wedding dress. Yes, it is a tad Sibella Court inspired, I am quite the fan. The number 7 is also a very lucky number for our family. Styling and photography by Rach. You can follow me on Instagram @ hipbrown.

Such talented lovelies, thanks to all for taking part! Do you too have a Make do and style snap to share? Than please tag #makedoandstyle on Instagram or Twitter, feel free to share @ hipbrown. Popping over to Chic on a Shoestring for Flaunt it Friday.
Rach xx

Monday, November 19, 2012

Rosette made from Antique lace

Just between you and I like, yes, let's please keep it a secret... I can be quite a girly blouse when it comes to storms. Loud claps of thunder have been known to make me squeal- quietly like ;-). I try not to be too overtly dramatic because I would like my boys to grow up feeling strong, safe and secure in their own company, no matter what the situation. So I hide being a big chicken... and I get the giggles instead! Fierce lightening does kind of get the heart racing, wouldn't you agree?

With all the stormy weather at the weekend, there wasn't too much deck chair revamping going on so I turned my decorating focus indoors instead. I made this Rosette for the family -wall/ vignette using the lace from my mother's wedding dress which was also used as a hair piece for my wedding. I heart antique lace, it is so beautifully made! I hand printed a number 7 on it because 7 is a number that always seems to just pop up. Both my mother's and my birthday are both on the 7th, Oliver (my eldest) is born on the 17th and August (my baby- well he's not really anymore) is born on the 27th. So I feel 7 is a very lucky number for my family! Do you have a lucky/ favourite number?
 Rosette made from the lace of my mothers wedding dress... if my maths is right, this piece of lace is just over 40 or so years old.

Ok, it was raining but the other thing I discovered is that I think large fat twine balls make the best pencil holders!

Lil earthiness for your creative space and office no? maybe?
Rach xx 
Hooking up over at Anne's

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Beautiful bold ways to "Make Do and Style" this season

Grab your vintage suitcases lovelies and lets go find us some beautiful bold ways to "Make do and Style" our homes this season.
Rustic on rustic; weathered vintage suitcases on an old hardwood/metal luggage trolley by Jamie. This would look absolutely divine as a vintage feature for a large living area or balcony. Photography and Styling also by Jamie,  
follow on Instagram @ Eclectic Me
Create a vignette made from treasures found on your last holiday. This vibrant collection of framed postcards from Hula, Hula Hawaii is by Hayley. The frames were a wee $6 bargain from Target. I am no double agent but I am beginning to think that Hayley of "mumlittle" fame is quite the Tarjay regular... I am also thinking they should definitely hire her as their stylist! Do you too like a territorial shop where things are easy and familiar? I do, I must confess I have my fav's but I also love a shopping adventure too! Styling and photography by Hayley, follow on Instagram @ mumlittle
Beautiful homemade "Maison Des Vins" sign by Kylie from Stylish Settings. Photography and styling also by Kylie, Follow on Instagram @ stylishkylie. Homemade= oodles of soul! Wouldn't you agree? Gorgeous bottle styling too!
Try a homemade take on a traditional "flowers in vase" setting. Make your own homemade paper map- print flowers in recycled bottles" by Juz Savage. Sweet styling and photography also by Juz Savage, follow on Instagram at Juzsavage
Planning a simple Xmas with a handmade quality this year? Loving these homemade and very affordable doily- baubles by Cas from
Peaches and Maple. Photography and Styling also by Cas, follow on Instagram at peachesandmaple

Once again massive thank you to those who tag #makedoandstyle. Loving what you bring to the table each week! 
Thanks for popping by!
Rach xx 

Joining Chic on a Shoestring because I feel this linky party definitely works with the Make do and Style resolve. Tweet or instagram your Make do and style snaps with tag #makedoandstyle to join in the fun. Feel free to share @ hipbrown

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Make do and style: With your home finds!

"Make do and style" is one of those decor tags that can mean different things to different people; I think, that is what I have grown to appreciate about it most. I was reminded just this week, it can also be a celebration of making the most out of what you already own. Tanya from Scandi Coast Home likes to refer to it as ShoPPin' the HouSe and I have noticed that it is a common movement among other decor bloggers right now too. I love it! It is definitely NOT about NOT SPENDING MONEY because we love that, right? I believe it lays within the wish that most of us now days genuinely like to be resourceful; it gives us and our homes meaning. Have you tried it? I dare you to ask yourself this question, "What do I already own??" Have you thought of something? Now, can you maybe slap a little paint on it, decorate it with a tassel or better still simply bring it out from the attic or cupboard as it is and show it off in some way? Maybe you could do a vignette of home finds? I bet they end up being treasures that you will love and appreciate for a long time.

Love this roadside "antique tea trolley" find, come herb stand. Can you believe that it did not even need to be painted; it was already this lovely antique green?? Score envy! Divine Styling and photography by Jamie Walsh. Follow on Instagram @ Eclectic Me

*One of my #makedoandstyle pics! Love the simplistic styling of this snap and its ultra-vintage accents. Styling and photography by Rach Jackson of Mint and Pear , follow on Instagram @ rachjax
*One of my #makedoandstyle pics! I love the sweet white furniture, the blue coloured door and the lovely crocheted cushion. Cottage Perfection! Styling and photography by Kris of The Bouse Life, follow on Instagram @ kris_avondalecottage

Sharing more crochet sweetness! Styling, product and photography by Villblomsten, follow on Instagram @ Villblomsten

Another great roadside find with fabulous bones by Eclectic Me. Loving the pop of yellow detail too (ahem people, that rad yellow lamp feature would be from Target!). Styling and photography also by Jamie Walsh.  Follow on Instagram @ Eclectic Me

  A sentimental and sweet "make do and style" with "the Lady that used to belong to my grandmother". Photography and styling by Kylie from Stylish Settings. Follow on Instagram @ stylishkylie. Why not work those sentimental beauties into your everyday landscape?? 
Tweet and Instagram your snaps (albeit your vignette of home finds) to #makedoandstyle
Loved that you popped on in!
Rachael xx 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Therapeutic Deck Chair Revamp

I've had one of those weeks where the wheels have fallen off the cart quite a few times so to speak. Just one of those crazy busy weeks, I guess. I am sure it's quite common with that "running a small business from home and looking after young children" combo. Actually, just one of those things by itself is enough to make that happen. Would you agree? It was the week for 4 years old's to face plant into the cement on halloween, doctors visits, x-rays, a poorly feeling mummy and diving through the washing machine for swimmers because apparently its swimming at school today mummy; Offcourse it is!. Lucky, I like using a little elbow grease to wind down. Seriously, funiture revamps and some kind of physical work out is how I keep sane. I also just love the opportunity to style something in my own way! Giving old things like this deck chair a new lease on life makes me very happy.

Do you like old deck chairs? I do
Right now, I am loving them painted white and revamped with beautiful textures or fabrics. 

This is one is revamped from a recycled coffee bean bag. I do love a Reverse Garbage purchase!

I think, that I would really like to do these in my shops. Logistics may be a tad tricky, we shall see. Rach xx

Visiting Scandi Coast Home , Chic on a Shoestring and Show and Tell Friday

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Make Do and Swoon

Decorate with 

Garden flowers, foliage, roadside finds and teapots!
"Sweet little bunch of flowers from the garden" by Fiona of Lilyfield Life. This snap was an Instagram favourite of mine because the flowers are so perfect, colourful and all from the home garden. You would have never have guessed that, right? Gorgeous styling and photography by Fiona @ Lilyfieldlife
No expensive flowers here either sweets, tis super lovely palm- leaf foliage. Love the Oar wall- decorations to the left too! Styling and photography by Hayley, follow on Instagram @ mumlittle
Hot of the "Roadside Finds" this week is "2 x retro Eames-style side tables, different but look great together!" I think so too!!! Do you too swoon over a cigar leg table? Styling and photography also by Jamie Walsh. I believe Jamie should officially be crowned "Queen of the Roadside Finds". Such an amazing eye! Follow on Instagram @ Eclectic Me
"Once a broken teapot now a lovely planter". So gorgeous! Sweet styling and photography also by Juz Savage, follow on Instagram at Juzsavage

Thanks for popping by Make Do and Style Thursday.
To join in the the fun, Tweet or Instagram your Make Do and Style snaps to #makedoandstyle
Rach xx

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Beachy Chest Revamp

This week I finished painting this lovely old chest white. Sometimes there is nothing like a classic white wash to give an old girl a new look! Would you agree? I have had these chests; there are two, since I was a young girl just out of home. My mum bought them for me and boy have they travelled to some places. Back when I lived in Sydney, I think I moved nearly every six months from the age of 18 to 33 years of age. I think they are tad sentimental!

  I think it looks much more beachy and modern now... I do love a restyle and revamp!
Thought I would share this snap showing a few of my favorite things/ objects. How I do love feathers, rope and hooks to decorate with!
Every week, I try to come up with a new way to express "Make do and style" on Instagram. Here is this weeks pic, I actually think this is my favorite so far. Join in the #makedoandstyle fun on instagram and twitter, anyone is welcome to play.

Thanks for popping by, I do hope your enjoying your weekend! Such lovely sunny weather here in Brisbane. Rach xx 

One more thing, the lovely Tanya from Scandi Coast Home has started a Saturday linky party. She is such a lovely girl, You simply must drop over and tell her I said Hi. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Make Do And Style Quietly, OK!

I thought it was going to be a very shh, kind of quiet post on #Makedoandstyle this week. Which is perfectly ok because sometimes quite can be very nice. Do you like quiet time too? But then I thought "Noooooo we can't have that, not today anyway" so I embarked on one of my favourite #makedoandstyle raids. And boy, oh boy did I get lucky!
*One of my personal picks- I like that #makedoandstyle can often be as simple as a lil shelf arranging session. I love this arrangement because it is such a sweet mix of white and natural colours, shells and fruit! Sweet shelf arranging by leah, follow on Instagram @ Leah_theinsidestory2
"Big ol tub" by  Peaches and Maple. I would swap any storage basket I owned for this lovely tub any day! Would you too?? Photography and Styling also by Cas, follow on Instagram at peachesandmaple
*One of my picks- Feature window decoration and lantern styling by  Peaches and Maple. I am definitely feeling the fairy light interior love. Are you too? They are so subtle and can bring oodles of atmosphere to a room! Photography and Styling also by Cas, follow on Instagram at peachesandmaple
Sweet doilies stuck on tin pots also by Peaches and Maple. Photography and Styling also by Cas, follow on Instagram at peachesandmaple
*One of my picks- "Roadside-find industrial antique chest of drawers, inherited antique mirror and books and vintage typewriter from Salvos by Jamie Walsh" (styling and photography also by Jamie). You know how much we love, love, love roadside finds and thrifty adventures around these parts ;-)! Follow on Instagram @ Eclectic Me
I love that you joined me here on Make do and style Thursday. Remember anyone can use the tag #makedoandstyle, 
its the lovely nature of it. 
Go on spread the love! Rach xx