Monday, May 27, 2013

Sweet memories and souvenirs

Inside these bottles are dried remnants from a beautiful bunch of flowers gifted to me on mother’s day. They were from Magnolia Flowers in Ashgrove, my favourite florist!
I adore their flower arrangements and Magnolia is also one of my most favourite names ever!
Keeping flowers has long been a tradition of mine; it was something I did even as a teenager. I guess I just love the gift to last and like finding ways to remember thoughtfulness. They are my souvenirs to remind me of a sweet moment and I think they also look great as decorations scattered around the home.

Sometimes, the greenery is the best part to dry out and keep! They look great hanging on a wall, dangled around a bottle, or as part of a wall vignette
What souvenirs do you like to treasure?? xx

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

A vintage meat safe restyled

 This old meat safe would have many stories to tell... I do like that attribute in a cupboard!
A girlfriend of mine, spotted this fabulous gem! She could see that it was very worthy of a revamp/ restyle and helped me rescue it from a road trip to the tip. It was all kinds of apricot and its doors were lined with old-style frosted glass...
Do you like to give old things a new lease on life? I do! I particularly appreciate the hard work and craftsmanship you see in older style furniture. It’s rare that you see that kind of love in modern day, mass produced furniture. It is a huge, huge shame!

I sanded it back and painted it with a Dulux Antique white. I lightly distressed it for a very conservative, shabby chic look. I felt that it already had oodles of character and didn't need me to go overboard with a more dramatic look. I removed the glass inserts/ chipboard from the cupboard doors and for a more textured look lined them with chook wire. To achieve a sweet vintage-style finish, I also stencilled numbers on a few of the door knobs. 

There is something about this cupboard that I find very inspiring. It is the new addition to our office/ creative space; it will be a props cupboard of sorts and I love that it has already resolved some quite major storage issues around here. It does so make me smile!

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day!

This is how I spent Mothers Day, last year. This year, I spent a good part of the morning on our couch.... both were very lovely ways to spend a Mothers day! I do think it's nice to enjoy a lazy rest every now and then.

This is me, looking very sunny and yellow... Love!

I must confess I haven't yet sent my own mum a mother's day card... it's going to be a belated one this year, I do hope she understands. Instead, we have had a good chat on the telephone. It is a shame we don't live closer to each other, I could pop over and take her out to lunch. I would like that! 

For the record, I have never done juggling or acrobats with either of my children...but I do love and appreciate his imagination for thinking so!
What are your plans this Mother's Day??
Rach xx

Monday, May 6, 2013

Vintage Style Adventures

Oh Hello,
Thought I would share my latest thrifty adventures. How adorable are these vintage style finds? I love them! I do believe these treasures are going straight to the props cupboard… Although I honestly think I could find a special nook for this sweet vintage trophy if I persist! And I also love the autumn colours of this breakfast tray, be so gorgeous for a lil morning tea extravaganza. Orange and green palates do look so fabulous together!
Can you believe that my hubby found the above two vintage bottles (far right) on Anzac day? I thought it kind of timely and special! I think, I was also just very surprised to find some history in my own backyard... as everything is so very modern these days. As you know, I do love a vintage bottle or two and I adore how rustic they are! Have you had any Antique/ thrifty adventures of late?? Do tell me about them!
Rach xx