Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sunshine and completing the decor look!

When I am craving a little warmth, a little sunshine, this is where you will find me at my house. Now, even if I only have just five short minutes to sit and enjoy being here... most days I'm content with that!
Where do you like to be when you need some outdoor light and warmth?? Do you too have a favourite pose-y that you like to be?
Have to tell you, that I am loving my outdoor vertical garden; it makes my favourite spot even more enjoyable!
I have also added the above hanging plant.
I do love how finding the décor-essence for one wall, can help you complete an entire look.
Rach xx


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Hip Brown said...

Sorry Tania, my phone is v dodgy and I accidently pressed delete. Love your outdoor area too especially your gorg cane peacock chair. Rxx