Thursday, May 24, 2012

DIY Garland Project

Garland Nostalgia Project
When I was a child, garland streamers hung like curtains in doorways; they were so very much a part of the normality of Australian living. They were also the only Eco friendly way to keep the flies out of the kitchen or the local fish and chip shop. They made this wonderful flapping sound in the gentle breeze... oh boy, a little garland nostalgia for you!

This garland is mostly inspired by nature, specifically made to style the dining area of our open plan living room. 


I wanted to use dried leaves because they are readily available and because it’s difficult to beat nature at its best. I added feathers and faux flower centres. I wired these together with florist wire. I also made my own flowers from feathers and Milner's netting, simply by cutting small squares and wiring them together on the diagonal with flower centres.
Handmade Flowers and Feather Buds

Garland- Horizontally suspended
Garland- Vertically suspended
Now I really am quite torn as to which way I should hang this?  
Rach x

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hip Brown Homewares

Hello and how has your Thursday been??
Thursday is one of my favorite days because 
it is usually my uninterrupted work day
 and it is "almost Friday"
This makes me smile, really big!

I have been busy with orders 
and doing a little cake decorating 
for my big 7 year olds birthday today
Hmm don't look too closely, 
I have nooooo wish to be a cake decorator 

I have also been working on a collection
 of product shots of all my wares
These pictures/ collages are a work in progress
I think I will always and forever be trying to capture
 the perfect product shot. 
Bye for now 
Rach xx
Lavender Decorations and Bamboo Dishcloths
Hip Oli Belt

Hip Cowboy Belt

Monday, May 14, 2012

What I did for Mothers Day!

I phoned my mum
Ran an 8k run for the Mother's Day Classic in 50mns
 Put a load of washing on our Hills Hoist... I know, so vintage of us
Enjoyed a Lamb Roast cooked by my husband
Had a glass of vino
+ A sneaky one with our neighbours out front
 Almost enjoyed a little bit of shut eye however had to settle for a lovely rest and a window view instead
Hoping you had a great Ma day if you're a mum or maybe you just enjoyed sweet thoughts of your mum instead
Rachael x

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DIY handsoap and detergent holder tutorial

Ooh hello! Here is a quick and slightly quirky DIY tutorial to brighten your day! These holders are super easy and came about because I needed to zhush up the hand soap and detergent bottles in our kitchen... as you do! Yes, totally agree that one option is to tuck them away preferably out of sight however am truthfully thinking and just saying, OK well that's no fun at all! x


1 x hand-soap or detergent bottle 
Approximately 30 cm of vinyl; or place-mat/ oil cloth (basically any fabric that is easily wiped over for an easy clean)
A Sewing machine is required for a simple straight stitch
Tape measure and scissors
Adornments- I used cotton rope, pom poms and a vinyl swing tag.
Other suggestions might be vintage lace, ribbon, garlands and fabric.


 Measure around the width of your bottle at the widest point (the little belly)
Allow 2cm for a seam
Measure the length of your bottle
The length and (width + seam) measurements = approximately the amount of vinyl that is required for your bottle holder 


Place vinyl on the wrong side and measure it around the width of your bottle as shown below
Pin seam "very firmly" down the length of the bottle

Mark the height of the bottle at the neck and base of the bottle on both sides.
Gently remove the holder from your bottle, try not to lose your pins 
Cut straight across the width of your vinyl at the neck and base markings (these edges will not be hemmed so the more professional cut the better your holder will look)
Straight stitch down the length of your bottle holder, do zoom straight over your pins

Cut extra material (the hem) off at seam
Cut off loose threads at each end
Slip holder over your bottle again (with seam showing on outside)
Place seam at the back and middle of bottle
You may need to do little tuck's/ pin shoulder seams at the nape of the bottle if tapering is required: It will depend on the shape of your bottle however I needed to do this step for both of my bottle holders purely because it looked much better
Remove holder from the bottle again and sew diagonally across corners where pinned (these are the little shoulder seams)
 Turn holder to right side of fabric and place over bottle
Adorn your bottle holder as desired
Hand-soap holder with a simple rope looped over knot. This one is my favorite!

DIY detergent and hand-soap holders
Best be off, have big plans to link up at the following parties at Shabby Creek Cottage Transformation Thursday and DIY Project Parade