Thursday, October 25, 2012

Make Do and Swoon

Decorate with 

Garden flowers, foliage, roadside finds and teapots!
"Sweet little bunch of flowers from the garden" by Fiona of Lilyfield Life. This snap was an Instagram favourite of mine because the flowers are so perfect, colourful and all from the home garden. You would have never have guessed that, right? Gorgeous styling and photography by Fiona @ Lilyfieldlife
No expensive flowers here either sweets, tis super lovely palm- leaf foliage. Love the Oar wall- decorations to the left too! Styling and photography by Hayley, follow on Instagram @ mumlittle
Hot of the "Roadside Finds" this week is "2 x retro Eames-style side tables, different but look great together!" I think so too!!! Do you too swoon over a cigar leg table? Styling and photography also by Jamie Walsh. I believe Jamie should officially be crowned "Queen of the Roadside Finds". Such an amazing eye! Follow on Instagram @ Eclectic Me
"Once a broken teapot now a lovely planter". So gorgeous! Sweet styling and photography also by Juz Savage, follow on Instagram at Juzsavage

Thanks for popping by Make Do and Style Thursday.
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Rach xx

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Beachy Chest Revamp

This week I finished painting this lovely old chest white. Sometimes there is nothing like a classic white wash to give an old girl a new look! Would you agree? I have had these chests; there are two, since I was a young girl just out of home. My mum bought them for me and boy have they travelled to some places. Back when I lived in Sydney, I think I moved nearly every six months from the age of 18 to 33 years of age. I think they are tad sentimental!

  I think it looks much more beachy and modern now... I do love a restyle and revamp!
Thought I would share this snap showing a few of my favorite things/ objects. How I do love feathers, rope and hooks to decorate with!
Every week, I try to come up with a new way to express "Make do and style" on Instagram. Here is this weeks pic, I actually think this is my favorite so far. Join in the #makedoandstyle fun on instagram and twitter, anyone is welcome to play.

Thanks for popping by, I do hope your enjoying your weekend! Such lovely sunny weather here in Brisbane. Rach xx 

One more thing, the lovely Tanya from Scandi Coast Home has started a Saturday linky party. She is such a lovely girl, You simply must drop over and tell her I said Hi. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Make Do And Style Quietly, OK!

I thought it was going to be a very shh, kind of quiet post on #Makedoandstyle this week. Which is perfectly ok because sometimes quite can be very nice. Do you like quiet time too? But then I thought "Noooooo we can't have that, not today anyway" so I embarked on one of my favourite #makedoandstyle raids. And boy, oh boy did I get lucky!
*One of my personal picks- I like that #makedoandstyle can often be as simple as a lil shelf arranging session. I love this arrangement because it is such a sweet mix of white and natural colours, shells and fruit! Sweet shelf arranging by leah, follow on Instagram @ Leah_theinsidestory2
"Big ol tub" by  Peaches and Maple. I would swap any storage basket I owned for this lovely tub any day! Would you too?? Photography and Styling also by Cas, follow on Instagram at peachesandmaple
*One of my picks- Feature window decoration and lantern styling by  Peaches and Maple. I am definitely feeling the fairy light interior love. Are you too? They are so subtle and can bring oodles of atmosphere to a room! Photography and Styling also by Cas, follow on Instagram at peachesandmaple
Sweet doilies stuck on tin pots also by Peaches and Maple. Photography and Styling also by Cas, follow on Instagram at peachesandmaple
*One of my picks- "Roadside-find industrial antique chest of drawers, inherited antique mirror and books and vintage typewriter from Salvos by Jamie Walsh" (styling and photography also by Jamie). You know how much we love, love, love roadside finds and thrifty adventures around these parts ;-)! Follow on Instagram @ Eclectic Me
I love that you joined me here on Make do and style Thursday. Remember anyone can use the tag #makedoandstyle, 
its the lovely nature of it. 
Go on spread the love! Rach xx 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Someone else's trash is absolutely your treasure!

Are you having a lovely weekend? I hope so! I do love weekends; I love spending quality time with my family both with my big man and the little ones. I also like to get a few things done around my house. Just a few! Do you have a favourite thing you like to do at the weekends? I have also been working on styling our newly painted hallway. I am loving that it is all one colour now!
This weeks thrifty finds

Now, I do realise that place-mats are actually meant to be used  as tableware however place-mats made out of interesting textures also make the best wall hangings, you have to try it!

I painted these place-mats with a little white paint. You can never have too much of the colour white can you? Do you like my fancy drop sheet? Things can be very fancy around here.
I also added some jumbo stitches out of twine. I do love a handmade stitch or two.

A sneaky peak of my hallway thus far
Can you also spot my latest roadside find? Yes, it's my crab pot pendant lamp shade. Don't you just love a roadside find? Someone else's trash is absolutely your treasure :-)! I am still working on colours, I think I will paint it mostly white and leave a black edge for a dipped look. I am also thinking, I will most likely change the ropes to a white colour so that it matches more organically with our white walls. I love that it is a little bit coastal yet also very Industrial in style. Thanks for popping by! Rach xx

I am now off to visit Scandi Coast HomeThe very lovely Tania is hosting a regular coastal linky party on Saturdays, bound to be loads of styling fun.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Make Do and Style the Coastal Thrifting Way

Do you like beach themed finds and souvenirs to remind you of your favourite beach, view or holiday travels? I do, there is something beautifully harmonic about coastal decor that can physically transcend actual location. Why not try to capture the loveliness of the oceanside somehow at your house? Perhaps you could simply pop it in your kit bag or beach bucket and bring it home to your abode?
Beach styling by  Peaches and Maple. Love the beachy blue and green colours, shells and bottles! Photography and Styling also by Cas, follow on Instagram at peachesandmaple
 Thrifty Finds by Jo at Coastal Home Love. Loving this thrifty pineapple find "Hello bingo" I do believe this is quite the thrifty score! Styling and photography also by Jo, follow on Instagram at coastalhomelove
Some fabulous beachy "make do and style" finds purchased from Target (or Tarjay, Tarjay, Tarjay) by mumlittle. Styling and photography also by Hayley, follow on Instagram @ mumlittle
Large sea shell and vignette of vases and flowers by Natashinoz. Love, love, love this circle of loveliness; it also has quite a fabulous vintage- late 50's look going on! Styling and photography also by Natasha, follow on Instagram at Natashainoz
 Twine knotted over glass jar with feathers and shells by me (Rach). I often feel quite the crappy daughter because I live so far away from my mum, her home is a good 6hrs drive away from Brisbane where I live. So I like to make simple little things for her that hopefully brighten her day. Styling and Photography also by me, Follow on Instagram at Hipbrown.

Lovely outdoor birdy nook and mini pine by Kylie at Stylish Settings (photography and styling also by Kylie). Follow on instagram @ sylishkylie

Nan's old rikity rusted out scales are now a lovely quaint planter by Juz savage. This is one of my favourite kinds of "Make do and styling" because it wont tip the budget (or the scales ;-)) and has oodles of family tradition too! Styling and photograhy also by Juz, follow on Instagram at Juzsavage

I do love all this beach thriftiness and make do and styling. Keep on tagging @ #makedoandstyle on Instagram or Twitter and if I can theme and match it somehow/ someway I will keep on sharing!!! 
Thanks for popping by 
Rach xx

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Make do and Style: Cancelled for this week only!

Hi Lovelies, There will be no "Make do and Style" this week. I am away on holidays, visiting a lovely beachy area in NSW, called South West Rocks. It is so very beautiful, I am talking teal coloured ocean, great mountain views and lots of white soft sand. I had planned to do a posting but unfortunately the computer I had planned to use has just been hacked. So disappointing, don't those hackers have better things to do?? Anyhoo next week it is and I will look forward to doing a "make do and style" soon. Sending from my mobile! Chat soon Rach xx

Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello Yellow

To be honest, yellow has never really been one of my favourite colours. I have always felt more comfortable and familiar with the colour red. Lately, however things have changed and yellow has found its way into my heart, just a little bit. Do you have a favourite colour you identify with? Do you like yellow too? 
 Here are some yellow treasures from my Gus. Gus, unlike me has always been a fan of yellow! 

This is our lovely neighbours vegetable garden, how colourful is their spinach! I could not help taking a quick snap of this amazing colour palate... shh please don’t tell them ;-O
Yellow is even creeping its way in to our decor.
I am enjoying pops of yellow in our decor quite a bit these days too. I am however very specific about my yellows, not just any kind of yellow will do. I think I favour the cooler shades of yellow like canary, lemon or mellow rather than any of the ochres. I have also found that yellow compliments natural and neutral colours quite nicely! The above garland is from my DIY garland project, which uses a mixture of faux and real leaves. I simply had to throw some yellow feathers in their too!

Are you loving a particular shade of yellow right now too?? 
Rach xx