Thursday, August 1, 2013

A perfect house takes work and commitment

 I’m posting a picture of my house looking a bit special and tidy but don't be mistaken for thinking that it's like this here every day because unfortunately the reality is, that it's not; as you would already know a perfect house take’s ongoing work and commitment to keep it that way.
I am actually quite ok with the wheels falling of the cart every now and then. Are you too? Truthfully, things are a little shabby around here for one reason or another...I have a spare room full of washing that needs folding, it’s also Jen Bishop's #7vignettes on Instagram so styling props are everywhere and my four year old (who thinks he is the real Mr Maker) has been very busy cutting things up and leaving stuff everywhere.

This snap is actually to add to my portfolio on my new website, speaking of which if you live in Brisbane and know a Word Press expert please send them my way... it is just about finished however I do believe that I need to employ a professional on board just to do some extra tweaking.
Next time your house is looking a bit fabulous, do remember to take a picture, stick it on your fridge just to remind yourself that it does happen!
Rach xx


Unknown said...

looks lovely! hoping mine will look a bit like that tomorrow after it's weekly clean!

Hip Brown said...

Oh lovely Deanne, hope it is a theraputic day for you. Xx

Scandi Coast Home said...

Looks gorgeous Rach!!!
Mine only ever looked tidy one day this year......;O)

Unknown said...

Oh yes - looking lovely. I need to take a snap when my house is tidy just to remind myself that sometimes it actually is.

Life Love and Hiccups said...

It looks stunning hun and the light in that room is just amazing! My house is tidy ... from the time the kids go to bed until they wake up ;) xx