Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pastel love and TV cabinet revamp

Surprise 5th year wedding anniversary flowers in pastel pink... Oh yes please!

Imagine this little mess of wii games, dvd's, TV remotes, dvd player and stereo just sort of kicking around and on most days being quite in your way... do you sense a little of our desire to find a more functional TV cabinet? Truthfully speaking, TV cabinets are not one of my favourite types of furniture. In my mind, they sit in the same sort of category as the fridge... sort of elephant-ish like and somewhat unavoidable. I was thinking that we needed a cabinet that was preferably white which would hopefully morph or better still completely disappear into the abyss of our antique white walls. 

We were very nearly on route to IKEA absolutely certain they would have just what we were after however one of our boys had a fever and it never eventuated. A few weeks passed and I was able to convince my husband that maybe we should just turn our handcrafted coffee table into a TV cabinet instead. For the record the coffee table was beautiful! It was made by one of our friend's but unfortunately it did not work as a coffee table in our living space.

Our coffee Table used as a very UN-functional TV cabinet
Did you know that I am so very smitten for all those beautiful mint green and pastel shades in season right now?... the sense of calm they contribute to a room is so very sweet! I had also recently been on an excursion to the Paddington Antique Centre and had eye spied a gorgeous vintage cupboard. It was a lovely vintage pastel green color with massive hinges. I do love a rustic hinge! I completely fell for it and it became the inspiration for this project.
Our TV cabinet transformation
My darling husband did all the handy work. A lil mdf here and there, some cedar doors how hard can it be?? hee, hee, hee! The very nature of a handmade coffee table does not necessarily mean perfectly square therefore he at times, quite painfully, added the doors, back and sides. On the flip side I had a fabulous time working some magic with Dulux antique white wash gloss and mint green doors. I do love how it looks in our living room!

Revamped and styled TV Cabinet
Styled with pastel pink vintage bowls and bottles

Also linking up to my first ever blog party. Here is the link for The Shabby Creek Cottage- Transformation Thursday. Its a great little hub for completed projects and inspiration. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Oh so sweet!

I do love gift wrapping orders!

It is especially lovely when I have the pleasure to write little notes on behalf of my customers like the above. Oh so sweet.... I do love my job!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Teal Coloured Ocean and Beach Thrifting

Work-shopping 60's inspired Hip Brown rest/ relaxation signs for the store
This Easter, we embarked on a rather unplanned road trip to a lovely beach area in NSW called South West Rocks: If ever you visit, Trial Bay is simply a must as far as beaches go! It also happens to be very near the area, where I grew up. Easter time is fast becoming my favorite time of the year to holiday. The beach, the weather and water temperature was so absolutely perfect. I am talking lovely soft, soft sand and calm beautiful teal coloured water... for so many reasons, I found it achingly hard to leave and return to my home here in Brisbane. Alas the sign of a fabulous holiday, my friend!

Tooth's Lemonade bottle
Simply had to do a lil souvenir thrifting from a beautiful antique store I found. I purchased some gorgeous vintage bottles... surely one can never have too many, can you??
1 Pint Milk bottle
  I also so found some beach souvenirs to remind me of my favorite beach. I do think holiday souvenirs, specifically shouting out loud for the non tacky ones are a must have!
Beach Thrifting/ Souvenirs

Cowrie Shell from Trial Bay
School holidays can be a tricky time to always feel creatively connected and on top of everything especially from a business point of view. Children force me to keep things very simple and for this reason I have been enjoying work-shopping some new product ideas. I find it is something I can quite easily do with the boys around especially if they busily work on their own projects, albeit drawing or making paper airplanes. I specifically wanted to use rope, paint and wood possibly along the lines of a sign or wall artwork... Maybe even a little 60's inspired in terms of design. I do love these particular mediums and have wanted to use them in my work for ages. These are still a work in progress; The hand painted designs need more tweaking however I am looking forward to them being listed in my home-wares store oneday soon.

Hip Brown Wall Signs/ Art works