DIY and Tutorials

Here are the links to my DIY tutorials thus far on Hip Brown Things. Most of my tutorials are relatively simple and are usually based around my need to inject love, character and style into our newly renovated home. I love beautiful interiors, styling and doing things by hand.

Crab Pot Pendant Makeover

Up Cycle your Flip Flops
My most pinned tutorial to date

Deck Chair Revamp + Tutorial

My version of a DIY Dandeloin Table Decoration

Painted Jute Wall Hanging Project
DIY Garland

I purposely haven't gone into great detail with this particular DIY Garland Tutorial. The main reason is that I am conscious of the fact that, very talented artists make money from selling these products and sometimes it is important to respect that. This tutorial is mostly about the garland I made for my living area and the actual making of the dried leaf and faux flowers that I used.
DIY Fisherman's Bottle

Easy DIY Handsoap and Detergent Holder