Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Decorating with tropical plants

It occurred to me oneday as I was zhooshing things around my house (as you do) that I did not own one single palm tree/ plant. How very un- Queensland of me! I have lived in Qld for over six years now and I instantly knew that I had to do something about it. 

Do you like to decorate with plants?? I do and I think they create much decor warmth and calm for everyone to enjoy. Here is my palm- plant purchase above; it is a Parlour Palm. Apparently and I do love a good quote ;-O "Research has also indicated that growing plants inside can effectively assist in filtering and improving air quality"- Pohlmans; I best get a dozen more!!! I think my palm looks very Queensland/ tropical, cheery and a lovely addition to my home. 

Do you too like tropical plants??

Do have a great week everyone! 
Rach xx


beachcomber said...

gorgeous and very Queensland ;) i love plants but mine are mostly outside. i'd better bring some in.

Hip Brown said...

Thankyou hon, just the look I was after ;-). Will also bring in a few more, I always worry I might accidently kill them but you never know until you try. xx

Unknown said...

Not much of an indoor plant girl, but have lots on my veranda!

Hip Brown said...

Your verandah sounds marvelous Deanne. Would love to see pics of it sometime! Xx

Desire Empire said...

I so need one of these at my place. It's looking good.