Thursday, June 28, 2012

House & Etsy Stylist

Large Whimsical Floor Cushion by Big Bird Boutique
Introducing a selection of Rosy Chic interior decorations from Etsy. I must confess, that I do spend allot of time in Homewares stores. The main reason is that I love everything about them, particularly the lovely wares you can find and the beautiful wave of aromas that overwhelm the senses on entry. I especially love those fancy boutique stores that have a coffee shop too; Tea and Homewares for me personally is the perfect combination to a lovely and relaxing outing. I do view this as an irreplaceable experience and would never like to see it disappear so when possible, I like to shop bricks and mortar.
Ikat Pouffe by Ikat & Batik
  Often I will come across a product that definitely has a handmade look about it however when I look more closely the item is not actually handmade by a person as such. It's just following current style and design trends; Maybe the product is crocheted somehow, crafted from contrasting and whimsical patterned fabric or has a wonky button that gives it a rustic, handmade or recycled look. I cannot help but fondly think of the Handmade Community, Made It and Etsy because of trends these platforms have helped inspire or invoke. I also think of the fabulously made wares listed that are indeed handcrafted, are the real deal and for realistically wonderful prices too. I know, I hear you, clearly I view the importance of online shopping too, both realms are so very important don't you think?

Pom Pom Garland by YesUMay

Upcycled Clock by Shannybeeboo

Tissue Tassel Garland by Francis Moulin
All of these beautiful wares pictured are from an Etsy Treasury I created yesterday. To see all of the lovely wares I chose you can visit here. I rarely find the time to curate an Etsy treasury, specifically because I am conscious of the fact that you need time to do it well. Surprisingly on this particular rainy Brisbane day, I found a moment so thought I would play "House and Etsy" stylist. Yes, not only can you shop vintage and handmade on Etsy, you can also play the stylist too! I do try to have a theme in mind before I begin, particularly so that I stay on track and avoid being lost in an Etsy tangent of crazy beautiful things. Have you been there and done that already? This theme was all about Neon Bright’s matched with vivid candy and warm coloured pinks. I hope you like it! 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

DIY Fisherman's Bottle

DIY Fisherman's Bottle
Hello and welcome,
It is definitely no hidden secret that I love to style with bottles; I love them because they look so elegant and can make any nook or corner look layered with much beauty. I was out to dinner recently and spotted a traditional style fisherman's bottle at a restaurant, it was loaded with memories of all things coastal, beachy and old and ever since I have wanted to do my own version of a DIY fisherman's bottle. I found this particular DIY thoroughly enjoyable because it is super simple and took no time at all to do!  


Buttons and Feathers 


Make net style knots to create a fisherman's bottle holder
Decorate as per own individual taste


Wrap twine around your bottle, just below the neck and knot tightly. I did a double knot and snipped the ends off. Repeat this step for the base of your bottle too. This knot will eventually be hidden so do not worry too much about how it looks.


Using your twine doubled over in a loop, measure 2x the length of your bottle and snip. You will need to cut 6 of these double lengths!
Using slip knots, attach your 6 x loops to the twine around the neck of your bottle as seen below. Space these evenly around the circle/ neck and try to hide the original double knot if possible.

Slip Knot
Based on a net style knot, using one strand of twine from each knot (yes you want to split them apart) join it to a single strand directly next to it and complete a double knot. Continue doing this evenly around the entire neck of your bottle.

Split strands and complete a double knot

You will see that you are forming little diamond shapes. Continue down the length of your bottle!

I joined my last series of knots to the base twine using slip knots and a figure 8 knot to finish off. 

Double knot and figure 8

Decorate your Fisherman's bottle in your own style/ way... If you do try this DIY I would LOVE to see
 your interpretations sometime!

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Road Trip to Boonah

Templin Historical Village- Love this fab old Arnotts chair
Not so very long ago, like practically yesterday ;-), when I was only 18 years of age I moved to the big smoke. I remember wanting to immerse myself into the jungle of inner city living. I craved knowledge, inspiration, change and excitement...  Sydney is a big city and it delivered all that and probably more.
 Over the years I've learned that I really do love city life and all its fabulous-ness. I love being able to eat at a great restaurant, catch a movie, buy a decent pair jeans, be inspired by a lovely shop or visit the art gallery. These are activities that make me feel alive and I definitely believe that I will always want/ need distractions like these. Ha, could still be wearing skinny jeans when I am 70 ;-)!
Now that I am a little older (but still VERY much a young thing ;-)) and have a family, I do find that I miss attributes about country living. Things like the fresh country air, the beautiful open spaces and the simple way of life. I do believe one of the reasons why I love all things handmade, artsy crafty and creative is because it helps me keep life simple and somewhat connected to my country roots.

 So I woke on Sunday morning craving a little country air and we decide to venture on lil road trip to Boonah. The lovely Boonah is located in the heart of the Scenic Rim, South East Queensland and is about an hour's drive from Brisbane. It does sound kind of ragged but it is actually a beautiful, luscious and hilly green part of the world. One of its tourist attractions is Templin Historical Village, my boys Oliver and August loved it! They had seriously never seen so many old things before.

Templin Historical Village- A family with 7 children grew up in this house. Ok, perhaps not craving it this simple!
Templin Historical Village- Love the wooden box!

Templin Historical Village- An old Starch Advert

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Funked up Ceramics in Neon Yellow

A Thrift find- Ceramic jugs
I found these great ceramic jugs whilst on a little thrifting expedition with my friend Sophie of Cirque Du Bebe fame (one of the cutest sewing blogs around so do check it out!). I love ceramics and I do see that these jugs are quite beautiful just as they are. However I had already introduced a snippet of yellow into our open plan dining area, see my garland post from last week and I was really keen to layer that yellow theme some more. So I thought here is a little opportunity for some up-cycling and perhaps this may even be one of those "funk up your junk" moments as design experts are now calling it ;-)
Funked up Ceramics in Neon Yellow

Painted Fish Sauce bottle

Now before I go a quick word if I may about fish sauce bottles. Glass fish sauce bottles have the most gorgeous glass detailing as far "non-vintage bottles" go and are perfect for inside tinting/ painting. The neon ceramic marker worked best on the outside of its glass rim too. I am quite happy with the result and I definitely love going all yellow on you...
Rach xx

bound to be full of exciting projects!