Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Make do and Style: Cancelled for this week only!

Hi Lovelies, There will be no "Make do and Style" this week. I am away on holidays, visiting a lovely beachy area in NSW, called South West Rocks. It is so very beautiful, I am talking teal coloured ocean, great mountain views and lots of white soft sand. I had planned to do a posting but unfortunately the computer I had planned to use has just been hacked. So disappointing, don't those hackers have better things to do?? Anyhoo next week it is and I will look forward to doing a "make do and style" soon. Sending from my mobile! Chat soon Rach xx


Scandi Coast Home said...

You lucky thing Rachael ;O)
What a beautiful spot. Have fun!
Tania xx

Hip Brown said...

Thanks Tania. It is a v beautiful spot... it is kind of my home town (where i grew up). Some lovely spots around here. Chat soon, looking forward to getting back to blogging soon, miss it :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds amazing! Have an awesome time Rach xx