Sunday, October 14, 2012

Someone else's trash is absolutely your treasure!

Are you having a lovely weekend? I hope so! I do love weekends; I love spending quality time with my family both with my big man and the little ones. I also like to get a few things done around my house. Just a few! Do you have a favourite thing you like to do at the weekends? I have also been working on styling our newly painted hallway. I am loving that it is all one colour now!
This weeks thrifty finds

Now, I do realise that place-mats are actually meant to be used  as tableware however place-mats made out of interesting textures also make the best wall hangings, you have to try it!

I painted these place-mats with a little white paint. You can never have too much of the colour white can you? Do you like my fancy drop sheet? Things can be very fancy around here.
I also added some jumbo stitches out of twine. I do love a handmade stitch or two.

A sneaky peak of my hallway thus far
Can you also spot my latest roadside find? Yes, it's my crab pot pendant lamp shade. Don't you just love a roadside find? Someone else's trash is absolutely your treasure :-)! I am still working on colours, I think I will paint it mostly white and leave a black edge for a dipped look. I am also thinking, I will most likely change the ropes to a white colour so that it matches more organically with our white walls. I love that it is a little bit coastal yet also very Industrial in style. Thanks for popping by! Rach xx

I am now off to visit Scandi Coast HomeThe very lovely Tania is hosting a regular coastal linky party on Saturdays, bound to be loads of styling fun.


Scandi Coast Home said...

Hi Rach,
I really love your finds......especially as wall art ;O)
And that crab pot shade......Whoa! It's awesome!!! I LoVe it lots ;O)
Tania xx

Hip Brown said...

Thankyou Tania. I think I will enjoy my crab pot more when I have finished it, still a work in progress but it does so make me smile. Excited to join your linky party, will link it back first thing tomorrow. So tired, time for bed. Rach xx

Scandi Coast Home said...

I think I was already in bed when you wrote this!!! Exhausted too!!!
Thanks for joining in......;O)
Tania xx

Stylish Kylie said...

Love that crab pot light fitting. Love a good roadside find.