Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello Yellow

To be honest, yellow has never really been one of my favourite colours. I have always felt more comfortable and familiar with the colour red. Lately, however things have changed and yellow has found its way into my heart, just a little bit. Do you have a favourite colour you identify with? Do you like yellow too? 
 Here are some yellow treasures from my Gus. Gus, unlike me has always been a fan of yellow! 

This is our lovely neighbours vegetable garden, how colourful is their spinach! I could not help taking a quick snap of this amazing colour palate... shh please don’t tell them ;-O
Yellow is even creeping its way in to our decor.
I am enjoying pops of yellow in our decor quite a bit these days too. I am however very specific about my yellows, not just any kind of yellow will do. I think I favour the cooler shades of yellow like canary, lemon or mellow rather than any of the ochres. I have also found that yellow compliments natural and neutral colours quite nicely! The above garland is from my DIY garland project, which uses a mixture of faux and real leaves. I simply had to throw some yellow feathers in their too!

Are you loving a particular shade of yellow right now too?? 
Rach xx


Stylish Kylie said...

I love yellow in decor. On me - I look like a canary!!!
Have a great holiday

Hip Brown said...

Thanks Kylie! Love Canary Yellow. Rach x

Sonia LifeLoveandHiccups said...

I am only recently coverted to yellow and I am just more than a little in love with it :) xx

Chrisy said...

Just beautiful...I must get myself over to your stores pronto!