Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Snap's and Hip Brown Wall Pendant

I have been busy getting a new Hip Brown design off the ground. It actually takes a while to release a new product; many aspects need to be absolutely perfect before you go into full promotion mode. Prototypes need perfecting and then they also need to undergo their own form of testing. Photo's in particular take a great deal of perfecting and resizing for online shops. I do enjoy it though! You can see a sneaky peek of the Hip Brown number wall- pendant's which have been hand screen- printed in the picture below.

Hip Brown Wall Pendant
also Day 2- Texture
"Texture(d) wall hanging decoration"
I have also been participating in Jen Bishops- The Interior's Addict #7vignettes in 7 days on Instagram. It's a great deal of styling fun! There are so many inspirational and talented lovelies out there! I am really enjoying the creativity of the IG community, such a vibrant pool of wonderful Interior stylists, artists, designers and enthusiasts. Here are my weekend snaps thus far... 

 Day 1- Books
"Blue and beachy green vintage books"

Day 3- Love
"Love my boys, having more time to work on my business (finally!), heart shaped rocks, meaningful numbers, rustic jugs (yes def going through a thang), exercise, Instagram, vintage books and dried lavender."
Hope you all have a great week! Rach xx


beachcomber said...

you're very good at vignettes rachel!
love the sign.

vintagemovement said...

Gorgeous new wares! Love the vignettes sounds like a fun party xx Tina

Hip Brown said...

Thanks Cheryl! Love your coastal snaps too x

Hip Brown said...

Oh Tina its sooooo fun but v addictive x

Stylish Kylie said...

Product development is soooo time consuming, but your's is looking lovely.