Thursday, February 28, 2013

Roadside finds and the unsalvageable table

 I tried very hard to save it
  but unfortunately it could not be done.
 It was the sweetest wooden coffee table, charming in size and on so many levels already super shabby and chic!

I thought, that I could simply peel back a few layers of wood and then maybe I would find a layer of unaffected dry wood and then it would look super fabulous. As you do! Unfortunately... each layer that I pulled back looked as water affected as the next, it was also a tad smelly and I had to let it go. Do you think it was a case of wishful thinking?

I have to admit, that I was quite attached to the idea of resurrecting this table and I wanted to salvage it instead of a life of dumpster rot.

 The silver lining is that I have managed to salvage these cigar legs.

 I am thinking, that with a good sanding and a new paint job these legs could look quite rad paired with a lil something else maybe. So whilst this table itself is no success story for The suburban stylist maybe these legs soon will be!

Rach xx

Sharing at the very fabulous Scandi Coast Home.


Chris Boyd said...

I've had relationships like that. xx

Anonymous said...

Ooh lovely legs . Love a married piece . They have so much character ... Can't wait to see what you do with them x

Scandi Coast Home said...

At least you are sooo patient. At least the legs will be saved.
T xx

Hip Brown said...

Thankyou lovely Tania. You are so v right, I tried. xx

Sonia LifeLoveandHiccups said...

Lovely legs - I am sure you could make something fabulous with them x

Hip Brown said...

Hello, always feel v privedged when you drop by. Haha you are funny! xx

Peaches and Maple said...

Good on you for giving it a go Rach! I'm glad you were able to save something from it at least :)
Cas x