Thursday, February 7, 2013

Old stuff and the magic of re-styling

Do you like old vintage things handed down through the generations? I do. As some of you already know, these old scales are a favourite of mine. I love them because they were my mums and she used them allot. I use them too and they are the source of much inspiration. Just when I think I have them styled exactly how I feel suits them and my kitchen, I find another way to enjoy them.

This was my Day 5- "Old" entry for Jen Bishops #7vignettes on Instagram. I do think old things look great paired with bright contrasting colours just to liven them up a little.

I love green "matchy matched" on green. It is so very calming!

I also think they look very happy themed with all this vintage goodness too!

Which is your favorite?
Rach xx

Popping over to Tanya's scandi coast linky party; you simply must come with! xx


Scandi Coast Home said...

they're all gorgeous but there's something really special about the first one.
t xx

vintagemovement said...

I adore everything about this post... the light in your pictures is amazing very talented photographer... love your Mum's scales xx Tina

Hip Brown said...

Thanks so much Tania! Flowers def brighten things up dont they xx

Hip Brown said...

Thanks Tina. Know your a huge fan of vintage too. Love old stuff! xx

Stylish Kylie said...

Beautiful. So great to see your photo fr=eatured by Jen Bishop too. Well deserved.

Hip Brown said...

Thanks Kylie. Thats v lovely of you x

paisleysummer said...

Can't go past the flowers!
Penny x

Catherine said...

Yep - that first pic is gorgeous! The flowers in the scale - I'd never have thought of it, but it looks amazing

Kim H said...

Oh they are so lovely. Loved them on instagram and love them here:) The middle one is probably my favourite though that last one is gorgy too ... oh, so is the first one;) I've popped my vignettes over on the lovely Tania's linky party too;) xx