Monday, February 11, 2013

Re-styled fusions and mini tango's

Sharing a table with you that my hubby made over the weekend... I know, he is rather clever isn't he. He whipped it up using wood he found from underneath our house. I love how it’s very country- industrial without overly trying! As you can see I gave it a quick vintage re-style because I do think fusions between these particular styles work really well together! He made it for our kitchen to house my handbag; just between you and I, I think my handbag kind of annoys him ;-0. I am not sure that we are in full agreeance on the finer styling details for this table just yet. It's an ongoing tango that we are having right now.

I am thinking, if I find a simple housing solution for my handbag then maybe we can find a suitable styling purpose for this table that would please us both… I can see this table working in our work space as a inspiration table to house those ever changing, everyday items that often inspire me in some way. That would be fun right? 

Or alternatively as my husband suggested I too can also see it working in our kitchen especially if we popped some wheels on it and made it into a Kitchen/ Tea trolley. Then it too could house everyday items/ things that inspire myself and my husband! That would be fun too, right??

Rach xx

Will be sharing this post over at Ivy and Elephants


vintagemovement said...

This is the best Rach love your Hubbies work and your gorgeous added details! Your number stencils are the best, I've said it a number of times but it is so true. xx Tina

Scandi Coast Home said...

I love your styling here and the table too ;O)
T xx

beachcomber said...

your hubby is very clever.. i love the table and your interesting styling!

Hip Brown said...

Thanks lovely Tania! I always love your styling too. xx

Hip Brown said...

Oops not sure what happened there, it sent before Id actually finished. Thanks Tina! They are so fun to do, hope I dont get bored of them.xx

Hip Brown said...

Hi Cheryl, he is v clever.Bless him xx

Stylish Kylie said...

Clever hubby!!!

Hip Brown said...

Thanks Kylie. He did do really well rx

Desire Empire said...

I hang my hand bag on the bed post to get it out of the way. My last one used to go in the cupboard but this one is too big.

I love his work and it's industrial styling is sweet.

Hip Brown said...

Thanks Carolyn! He will be very chuffed you think so. xx

Town and Country Gals said...

you are so lucky to have such a handy hubby! It looks great the way you styled it, it's so versitle that I'm sure you'll come up with lots of uses for it! Love the number you added! Thanks for the visit, I've enjoyed browsing thru your posts and will be back!

Ivy and Elephants said...

What skills your hubby has! I think the table will be just great with the wheels. Then it can go, ... anywhere!
Thanks so much for sharing with us.