Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Importance Of Perseverance!

I read quite a profound post on Scoutiegirl this morning be terrible at something. It reminded me of a post I’ve wanted to do for a while specifically on the importance of perseverance.

We are not always "gifted" at everything we do straight away; quite often it takes hard, hard work. Beautifully made things are not necessarily instantly made beautiful... they need work-shopping; they need help from friends or even a fresh outside point of view. Products may need to go down the wrong sample path before you are able to find "The perfect sample". Sometimes you just have to simply enjoy where you are at before you find the idea you were originally looking for!

 The following is a snippet of part of my creative "Hip Brown" and "Hip Brown Homewares" journey. Warning, this exercise is probably high on the list of "Do Nots" as far as marketing 101's go but for the sake of perseverance and showing that we all start somewhere, I think it's an important one to own. If anyone else is up for the challenge of owning or revealing a snippet of their creative journey, please feel free to link in below.

Above August 3, 2009 My first ever Etsy sale "Hip Jean belt"....the photo has become rather pix-elated but I still believe this customer (bless her!) had a great deal of faith!

Hip Charlie: Children's Belt Accessor
Thankfully a friend who was a talented photographer gave my photographs a makeover. Other friends offered suggestions from sewing styles to fabrics... It was all wonderfully useful even if I didn't always choose to use it!
Hip Owl: Children's Belt Accessory

Below is my first ever lavender sachet sample. Hmm not sure what it is exactly??... BUT it did remind me of a tea bag which directly led to my next product sample which was the creation of Hip Brown Lavender Tee bags.

 Lavender Sachet Product Sample

"Hip Brown Homewares" lavender Tee Bags/ Sachets
"Hip Brown Homewares" Lavender Tee Bag Decorations


shelleyberelli said...

What a lovely reminder that overnight sensations take time! It's good to remember the journey is as important as the destination xx

Catherine said...

aaahhh that's lovely. So true, and inspiring to just keep going! Thank you!

The scribbler said...

Thank you for this inspiring post! And I must say that I agree.

Rachael Honner said...

Thanks for all the great comments, much appreciated!

Chrisy said...

Yes, it takes time. Your photos and products have a lovely cohesiveness...and sing 'quality'!

Rachael Honner said...

Thanks Chrisy! Love taking photo's. x