Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Cute Foot Stool Makeover

From the depths of big guys tinkering land and beyond, my husband appears with this mini stool he had just whipped up in hand. I do vaguely remember him mentioning he was going to make a foot stool; we needed one for our living area particularly so that our son could do his homework more comfortably. I remember thinking just quietly to myself that I had other ideas... you know, it was possibly the perfect opportunity for me to workshop a Moroccan pouf or maybe some sort of antique box but just hadn't got round to verbalizing it to him.

Pre Stool Makeover

The funny thing is I really like this stool! It's rough and by no means perfect but it has oodles of character. I knew from the very instant that this stool and I could work together! Naturally I also loved it because my husband had made it and there is nothing more lovely or meaningful than his thoughtfulness and time. 

Post Stool Makeover

This makeover method was a simple distressed white in Dulux. I used a string of bright green fluffy pom poms and hammered in decorative nails.

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