Monday, March 19, 2012

Standing out from the crowd!

Oh wow, oh wow, how fabulous is "Madame Flavour Tea”! Bound be the last person in the world to have just discovered it nevertheless found it at the supermarket last week and had to immediately shout out some jumbo sized loving its way. Have you tried it already?? I rarely venture far from my daily border-line medicinal dose of Dilmah however on this occasion I am very glad I did. There are quite a few MF blends on offer; I purchased the Green, Jasmine and Pear. It is a gorgeous tasting tea and the pear notes really sweeten the green tea flavour beautifully. Ooh la la sounding like a tea connoisseur yet?? What I also loved about this Tea was the "yours truly note" included inside their sweet packaging.
I never thought it possible to have such a personal and delightful experience buying tea at a supermarket?? A warm, sincere and personal marketing approach is a ridiculously good recipe for fabulous-ness... I also think if you enjoy what you do, like Madame Flavour your product will clearly stand out from the crowd. 


Mademoiselle Slimalicious said...

I love Madame Flavour tea too. Actually I'm having a Madame Flavour giveaway on my blog at the moment! Feel free to enter!

Rachael Honner said...

MF is really good tea! Wow your having a MF giveaway, lovely will pop around and check out your blog now. Ta for dropping by! x

Chrisy said...

What! I've never heard of it...why wasn't I told that's what I want to shopping this's on the list!

Rachael Honner said...

Quite lovely indeed Chrisy!

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