Monday, February 6, 2012

Holidays are lovely but so too is home

Weekend Pottering

I do love walking into my house after a Holiday! Holidays are lovely but there really is nothing like your own bed/ house... and street, the list goes on. Clearly I do love to roam but am also a creature of habit. Thought I share some pictures from Adelaide. Adelaide is lovely, very old world with its beautiful sand stone buildings. Super jealous it has a beach not too far from the city! Beach transfer maybe?? We could swap them Southbank for Henley's beach!

Love wood, love rope, love my boys
 I do love doors but so love chairs too. This lovely one is from my inlaws farm... So  gorgeous!

Innes National Park on the Yorke Peninsula 

Wreck of Ethel- mostly buried in sand

Um Emu Ethel maybe?? These birds do make me laugh...
P.S My To- do/ Tutorial list is growing… Thinking a corrugated iron  art work (love the stuff, especially when painted) x 4 for our living room, diy valance for the spare room, diy patchwork cotton throw of sorts and I am so dying to use some decorative nail heads, somewhere/ somehow. 

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