Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tea, Cricket and Citronella

I often find myself craving girly-ness particularly within the predominately male world, I live in. For those of you who do not know, I have two boys, a three and a six year old. Including my husband I am definitely outnumbered! I do not necessarily mind this as I really do enjoy my own girly company. Lately however, I have noticed that my taste particularly in homewares has become less contemporary and more feminine in style. We could quite easily blame this on current trends. I mean Florals really seem to be hanging around! However I often think, it is a result of the crazy boy energy around me and my new appreciation for all things very feminine is my way of finding a balance. Yes too much cricket on the television has me itching for pink florals!
Found myself itching for some thrift shopping this week too. I bought this lovely tea cup and then... turned it into a citronella candle for our outdoor living area. The boys will love it, ha! Strangely I kind of feel bad though. I mean, is it a bit sacrilegious to do that to a beautiful tea cup? Surely that would be one of the top three “DO NOTS” for high tea drinkers??

Also found this beautiful big bowl to house all my lovely shells in. The boys and I collect shells from our beach holidays and then bring them home as a reminder. They get very excited by which ones they have found and contributed.

Now what do you think this tea cups best use would be? a) A tea cup (A tea cup for tea drinking?? Now that would be very wild and crazy!) or b) Citronella candle (very much needed in Brisvegas for us outdoor living types)??


Cirque Du Bebe said...

Gah! These are so lovely. I've been wanting to try this for ages and how practical to put citronella in them. Mozzie season!

Rachael Honner said...

Thanks Soph! They are sweet and too easy to do. Perfect for Brisbane, mozzie season.