Monday, February 13, 2012


Hip Brown lavender scented Sachets/ Tee bags for your closet/ draws

Hmm as tempting as they look, it really, would not be advisable to drink these. They are NOT actually Tea bags as such! They are Hip Brown Lavender TEE BAGS.... you know, Tee bags as in Tee shirt. They are especially made for the closet, underwear draw or as a handbag/ man-bag fresher (can I just say I do love a man-bag!). They are fantastic at keeping the moth's and silver fish away from your clothing!

Hip Brown lavender scented Sachets/ Tee bag

You can find out more information about this product here Which Tee bag is your favorite (see happy snaps below)? There is  a re-purposed fabric option or calico. 

Hip Brown Tee Bag: Re-purposed Fabric
 Just out of interest, would you like to see them in other colours too or do you prefer a natural look for your cupboards? I'm leaning towards natural, it is so simple and matches with everything so well but... am always up for a little variety too.

Hip Brown Tee Bag- Calico

Hip Brown lavender scented Sachets/ Tee bags

P.S Remember Tee but NOT for drinking

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