Monday, April 29, 2013

The irony behind "A Dunny with Dignity!"

I will take any progress I can get, Yay!!! 

As a general rule, I like to keep my blog posts mostly about all things interiors and inspiring if I possibly can; it is the voice that I am truly passionate about and the one that I am motivated to use... but please, allow me a quick whine (or wine is good too) if I may. The past week and half of our bathroom renovation has felt like an eternity. For many reasons (including our little family in tow) it is exhausting and I cannot wait until it is finally finished. I don't mean to sound dreary, just attempting to be at peace with life’s ups and downs, I guess. Maybe you also get the feeling that I am not really the outdoorsy type?? Yes, camping (i.e outdoor loo loo's and showers) for an extended period of time is possibly not for me!

 I realise this time will not last forever; it will pass and will be worth every ounce of pain. However I think the hardest thing is and as crazy as it sounds, I actually feel a little homeless without a bathroom in my house. Word is that I am a blessed creature of comfort and I think it’s quite true! Imagine if I were born pre 1950's where in-house toilets were uncommon, or even if I was actually homeless? Would I cope?? I don’t know; I hope so! What I do know is that I am indeed quite blessed to be finding this a difficult time in the first place and I see that! In the meantime, I am trying to enjoy the funny side to our outdoor living situation, and I hope our neighbour’s, bless them… will see it too ;-O.

Some random, possibly even helpful facts about about Portaloo's and showers.

  • Portaloo's need to be within 10meters of kerbside so that they may be serviced/ hmm emptied... however it is quite possible that your visitors may actually knock on both your front doors ;-). 
  • Get used to venturing outside during the night and try to not wake up too much so that you are able to get back to sleep more easily.
  •  Portaloo's and Portashowers have no electricity, therefore your entire family will need to shower before dark and invest in VERY fancy robes/ dressing gowns.
  • Outdoor showers are more suited to private areas ok; just saying a high fence is a sensible idea and preferably away from your neighbour’s entertaining area...
  • Although the slogan is "Dunny's with dignity", bear with me... I am yet to discover the D for dignity in our outdoor dunny just yet!
Rach xx


Melissa said...

So glad you're back, Rach. Though I now see why there was a delay between entries... coming up with something positive to say when your dunny and shower are in your yard is not my idea of fun either!

Hip Brown said...

That is the sweetest thing to here! Seriously big smiles here ;-). Thanks Mel xx

Stylish Kylie said...

Oh dear. I hope you have a working loo again. I remember as a child of about 10 we bought a reno job Victorian terrace in Port Melbourne that had an outdoor loo. Don't know how my mum survived with it until the reno was done.