Monday, May 6, 2013

Vintage Style Adventures

Oh Hello,
Thought I would share my latest thrifty adventures. How adorable are these vintage style finds? I love them! I do believe these treasures are going straight to the props cupboard… Although I honestly think I could find a special nook for this sweet vintage trophy if I persist! And I also love the autumn colours of this breakfast tray, be so gorgeous for a lil morning tea extravaganza. Orange and green palates do look so fabulous together!
Can you believe that my hubby found the above two vintage bottles (far right) on Anzac day? I thought it kind of timely and special! I think, I was also just very surprised to find some history in my own backyard... as everything is so very modern these days. As you know, I do love a vintage bottle or two and I adore how rustic they are! Have you had any Antique/ thrifty adventures of late?? Do tell me about them!
Rach xx


Sonia LifeLoveandHiccups said...

Man you have an eye for a score hun. I love that fruity tray, it reminds me so much of my uncles kitchen and brings back the best memories from being a kid. xx

Hip Brown said...

Hello lovely Sonia, oh really?? 70s kitchens were so fab and flamboyant. My parents house was amaze, the wall paper sooooo good. so glad you popped by. mwah