Monday, November 19, 2012

Rosette made from Antique lace

Just between you and I like, yes, let's please keep it a secret... I can be quite a girly blouse when it comes to storms. Loud claps of thunder have been known to make me squeal- quietly like ;-). I try not to be too overtly dramatic because I would like my boys to grow up feeling strong, safe and secure in their own company, no matter what the situation. So I hide being a big chicken... and I get the giggles instead! Fierce lightening does kind of get the heart racing, wouldn't you agree?

With all the stormy weather at the weekend, there wasn't too much deck chair revamping going on so I turned my decorating focus indoors instead. I made this Rosette for the family -wall/ vignette using the lace from my mother's wedding dress which was also used as a hair piece for my wedding. I heart antique lace, it is so beautifully made! I hand printed a number 7 on it because 7 is a number that always seems to just pop up. Both my mother's and my birthday are both on the 7th, Oliver (my eldest) is born on the 17th and August (my baby- well he's not really anymore) is born on the 27th. So I feel 7 is a very lucky number for my family! Do you have a lucky/ favourite number?
 Rosette made from the lace of my mothers wedding dress... if my maths is right, this piece of lace is just over 40 or so years old.

Ok, it was raining but the other thing I discovered is that I think large fat twine balls make the best pencil holders!

Lil earthiness for your creative space and office no? maybe?
Rach xx 
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Stylish Kylie said...

That lace is gorgeous.
I'm born on the 7th too, so it's my luck number also.
Kylie x

Desire Empire said...

That rosette is fab and the wine pencil holder would be great on a craft station. I have to say I love a good storm, as long as everything pretty well stays intact.

Anonymous said...

Cute rosette and twine holder Rach! Those storms were pretty nasty over the weekend so I think you would be forgiven for the odd squeal ;)
Cas x

Hip Brown said...

Oh lovely Kylie, its a fab no x

Hip Brown said...

Yes be cute on a creative workspace! x

Hip Brown said...

Oh thanks Cas, they were biggins. Ta for liking my rosette, its very Sibella Court inspired!

vintagemovement said...

Your Rosette is so beautiful and what a gorgeous keepsake/ family heirloom for the future... also loving the pencil holder idea!. x Tina

Hip Brown said...

Hi Tina,
Thankyou hon! Yes I too think its a good way to treasure it because its not changing it anyway. And its not stuffed away in a draw either. Have a lovely day! Rach x