Thursday, November 8, 2012

Make do and style: With your home finds!

"Make do and style" is one of those decor tags that can mean different things to different people; I think, that is what I have grown to appreciate about it most. I was reminded just this week, it can also be a celebration of making the most out of what you already own. Tanya from Scandi Coast Home likes to refer to it as ShoPPin' the HouSe and I have noticed that it is a common movement among other decor bloggers right now too. I love it! It is definitely NOT about NOT SPENDING MONEY because we love that, right? I believe it lays within the wish that most of us now days genuinely like to be resourceful; it gives us and our homes meaning. Have you tried it? I dare you to ask yourself this question, "What do I already own??" Have you thought of something? Now, can you maybe slap a little paint on it, decorate it with a tassel or better still simply bring it out from the attic or cupboard as it is and show it off in some way? Maybe you could do a vignette of home finds? I bet they end up being treasures that you will love and appreciate for a long time.

Love this roadside "antique tea trolley" find, come herb stand. Can you believe that it did not even need to be painted; it was already this lovely antique green?? Score envy! Divine Styling and photography by Jamie Walsh. Follow on Instagram @ Eclectic Me

*One of my #makedoandstyle pics! Love the simplistic styling of this snap and its ultra-vintage accents. Styling and photography by Rach Jackson of Mint and Pear , follow on Instagram @ rachjax
*One of my #makedoandstyle pics! I love the sweet white furniture, the blue coloured door and the lovely crocheted cushion. Cottage Perfection! Styling and photography by Kris of The Bouse Life, follow on Instagram @ kris_avondalecottage

Sharing more crochet sweetness! Styling, product and photography by Villblomsten, follow on Instagram @ Villblomsten

Another great roadside find with fabulous bones by Eclectic Me. Loving the pop of yellow detail too (ahem people, that rad yellow lamp feature would be from Target!). Styling and photography also by Jamie Walsh.  Follow on Instagram @ Eclectic Me

  A sentimental and sweet "make do and style" with "the Lady that used to belong to my grandmother". Photography and styling by Kylie from Stylish Settings. Follow on Instagram @ stylishkylie. Why not work those sentimental beauties into your everyday landscape?? 
Tweet and Instagram your snaps (albeit your vignette of home finds) to #makedoandstyle
Loved that you popped on in!
Rachael xx 


Stylish Kylie said...

Hi Rachael,
Thanks for showing my grandmother's Lladro. It reminds me of her whenever I see it.

I've been shopping at home again this week. Will tag them when I finish.
Kylie x

Hip Brown said...

Kylie, your Lladro is beautiful! Think its lovely that you have found a little nook for her within your home. She is precious! x

Hip Brown said...
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Kris said...

Lovely post Rachael, Thank you so much for sharing my photo. (I have linked back to your blog on my last post, I hope that is ok).Thanks again for some wonderful Ideas

Hip Brown said...

Hi Kris,
You live in such a sweet cottage! Thanks for taking part.

Sonia LifeLoveandHiccups said...

CRap Crap Crap - I forgot again. I so love looking at all these pics. I am going to write a post it note now and stick it on my head! xx