Thursday, November 22, 2012

Make Do and Style for the Senses

Pictures that speak a thousand words, amplify beauty and transport you to another time and place.

I adore the sense of memory, love and history found through simple vintage-styling. Do you have a favorite vintage piece that reminds you of another moment in time?

This palette of white, charcoal, cream and red layered on a distressed mantle whispers dreamy elegance! Do you too swoon over those vintage books? They are simply divine. Where could you place some cute vintage books in your house? Styling and photography by Leah. Follow on Instagram @ leah_theinsidestory2
*Hand picked

 Sea green vintage bottles with shell and palm decoration. I do love vintage bottle styling. This vignette is so coastal-cool, with a hint of fifties styling! Photography and Styling by Cheryl from Beachcomber26
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*Hand picked

A beautiful vintage pot jammed packed full of lavender. There is something so stylish about lavender in a vase; it can transform a room particularly it's smell ;-). Photography and styling by Jo from Coastal Home Love. Follow on Instagram @ coastalhomelove. This blue daisy-trio design actually brings back sweet memories from my child hood; I remember my mum had this exact design on a casserole dish... aw bless her!

Eyes of God, Photography and styling by Mia. Follow on Instagram @ Mrsmiagoding. Do you heart native American crafts? Love this gorgeous wall-vignette, especially the sweet feathered one! Also such a sweet coastal pallet of blues, green and white. So simple and inexpensive to do!
*Hand picked

Vintage lace rosette made from the lace of my mother's wedding dress. Yes, it is a tad Sibella Court inspired, I am quite the fan. The number 7 is also a very lucky number for our family. Styling and photography by Rach. You can follow me on Instagram @ hipbrown.

Such talented lovelies, thanks to all for taking part! Do you too have a Make do and style snap to share? Than please tag #makedoandstyle on Instagram or Twitter, feel free to share @ hipbrown. Popping over to Chic on a Shoestring for Flaunt it Friday.
Rach xx


Jo Coastal Home Love said...

Hi Rach, Thanks for sharing my little vintage corningware pot ;) Love those memories! Jo xx

beachcomber said...

hi rachel, thanks so much for sharing my shell bottles! :)