Monday, June 24, 2013

Join the "wardrobe-revamp marathon" too??

Did you catch the beautiful super moon last night? As you can see, it was a beauty! This is the view from our back deck, on a clear night we can see almost three entire buildings... no, you would never say that we have Brisbane city views however I do love that we enjoy a mini city glimpse or two ;-).
I am so chuffed to report that I have just finished revamping one of my lovely antique wardrobes from last week, I still have two more to complete. You should see the look of determination I am sporting right now! The Suburbans Stylist is on a mission to get her own wardrobe revamp's and storage issues out of the way. Can it be done during School holidays?? Watch this space lovely people, we shall see!
Method- I used a white chalk paint and a little distressing to achieve a quite conservative looking wardrobe; I believe the perfect look for a linen cupboard!  Can I tempt you to join in the "wardrobe-revamp marathon" too? 
Rach xx


beachcomber said...

great shot of the moon! unfortunately we've has torrential rain for a few days and couldn't see it. great job on the wardrobe, love the tassel!

Hip Brown said...

Thanks Cheryl. Glad I included the moonie for you then xx

Sonia LifeLoveandHiccups said...

I dont know what excites me more - that gorgeous moon or the gorgeous wardrobe. Actually, I think the wardrobe may win ;) xx

Hip Brown said...

You are the loveliest bloggy pal ever! I painted the inside too so am busting to finally put our linen in there. xx

Carolyn Darragh said...

She looks good and I love the idea of chalkboard paint.