Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Do you like to get the look for less in your home?

I have been quite preoccupied working on developing my new website... between you and I, I am a web novice so this project literally eats my time. I guess, there is always a huge learning curve when you embark on a new adventure too. Stay tuned, I am hoping that one day soon.... I will eventually be able to share some more news  ;-0.

Now tell me, do you like to get the look for less?

Well, this post is all over that!.

Getting the look for less is one of my favorite things, mostly because I get to recycle, reuse and be creative all at the same time. As some of you would already know this makes my heart flutter and puts a huge smile on my face especially when the project is completed.
I wanted to create a wall vignette just like the one you see on the front page of this Elle Decoration UK magazine. For the record, it did not turn out exactly the same. The look on the magazine is all about lovely neutrals; it is subtle, interesting and beautiful all at the same time! My vignette did not achieve the same result however I definitely feel that I have put my own style and creative spin on things and that is very important too!
Thrifted picture frames
 I bought these picture frames from a thrift store, they ranged in price from 50 cents to maybe around $1.00 each. Just saying, they were super cheap! I simply painted them; some I distressed white and a couple I painted charcoal.
My wall vignette
As you can see my wall vignette is a mixture of snaps of my children that I took from our last family holiday and also a couple of Instagram pictures that I recently photographed and liked. It was a specific design decision to mix up the subject matter; I wanted the wall to be interesting and have few layers of appeal. I believe that I have made a good start to achieving this and I know that the wall will continue to develop from here.
 Have you had any thrifty bargains of late? Please, do tell me about them.
 Rach xx

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Scandi Coast Home said...

I love your gallery wall......
I am addicted to them.
I don't know what's holding up the walls ;O)

Carolyn Darragh said...

You did a great job with yours. I am about to do something similar with vintage shots of my family.

beachcomber said...

your gallery wall looks lovely!
most of the things in our place are found, thrifted, recycled or homemade.

Hip Brown said...

You do great wall vignettes Tanya, def your fortay xx

Hip Brown said...

Vintage shots would look great Carolyn! Cant wait to see them xx

Stylish Kylie said...

It looks great and it's personal which is what makes a home I think. Kylie x

Sonia LifeLoveandHiccups said...

You have such an amazing gift for turning ideas into something so uber cool. I love this idea xx