Thursday, March 14, 2013

Vintage glam for wine time

Hello to you lovely ladies, 
This week most of my projects are on hold... well, that is until I finish the current one I am working on. Boy oh boy, this one is taking some discipline not to wonder to some other needy "nook and cranny" of my house! I am not going to lie to you, making a couch cover is just no fun. Yes, the rewards will come when I get to enjoy the fruits of it actually being finished but until then, between you and me, I am not really feeling this job at all. Believe me, when I say that I have searched high and low to purchase one but unfortunately for our couch (yes it had to be our couch) it could not be done. Unfortunately, I have learned that some household styling/ renovation jobs involve some pain and one must grin and bear it.
Until, I can post you a big glossy snap of my lounge room looking all divine-ish, I will post this picture of my latest trash and treasure find instead. Can you imagine the stories that this vintage ice bucket could tell? Yes, I did sneak in a quick vignette during a weak moment of distraction... A girl has got to take a little time out to play hasn’t she?? I am thinking it will glam up wine time with the girls quite nicely! Do tell me what projects you have going on this week? Rach xx


Desire Empire said...

I won one just like it when I was on perfect match in 1985. Love it.

Hip Brown said...

Carolyn, I need to hear more about Perfect match! Is there a post? Did you find him?? Love a good story! Xx

beachcomber said...

gorgeous ice bucket!!
good luck with the couch cover.