Friday, June 8, 2012

Road Trip to Boonah

Templin Historical Village- Love this fab old Arnotts chair
Not so very long ago, like practically yesterday ;-), when I was only 18 years of age I moved to the big smoke. I remember wanting to immerse myself into the jungle of inner city living. I craved knowledge, inspiration, change and excitement...  Sydney is a big city and it delivered all that and probably more.
 Over the years I've learned that I really do love city life and all its fabulous-ness. I love being able to eat at a great restaurant, catch a movie, buy a decent pair jeans, be inspired by a lovely shop or visit the art gallery. These are activities that make me feel alive and I definitely believe that I will always want/ need distractions like these. Ha, could still be wearing skinny jeans when I am 70 ;-)!
Now that I am a little older (but still VERY much a young thing ;-)) and have a family, I do find that I miss attributes about country living. Things like the fresh country air, the beautiful open spaces and the simple way of life. I do believe one of the reasons why I love all things handmade, artsy crafty and creative is because it helps me keep life simple and somewhat connected to my country roots.

 So I woke on Sunday morning craving a little country air and we decide to venture on lil road trip to Boonah. The lovely Boonah is located in the heart of the Scenic Rim, South East Queensland and is about an hour's drive from Brisbane. It does sound kind of ragged but it is actually a beautiful, luscious and hilly green part of the world. One of its tourist attractions is Templin Historical Village, my boys Oliver and August loved it! They had seriously never seen so many old things before.

Templin Historical Village- A family with 7 children grew up in this house. Ok, perhaps not craving it this simple!
Templin Historical Village- Love the wooden box!

Templin Historical Village- An old Starch Advert

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun day!!

Sherry said...

It's amazing how simple everything was back then. Can't imagine 7 people living in one room...trips such as yours can always make us a little more thankful for what we have, you know, the things we take for granted... space & inside toilets! ;-)

Hip Brown said...

Thanks for dropping by Sherry! I know, imagine 7 peeps in the one room. Makes my house look like a palace indeedy. Glad I was born this era. x

Chrisy said...

Oh yes it's lovely in Boonah...and such a vibrant arts community....lovely lovely photos you've taken....maybe you'll move back to 'the country' one day...or you could come to Toowoomba!

Hip Brown said...

Ooh I didnt know that Chrisy! You never know... My hubby always talks about an acre... just one, oneday!