Thursday, June 28, 2012

House & Etsy Stylist

Large Whimsical Floor Cushion by Big Bird Boutique
Introducing a selection of Rosy Chic interior decorations from Etsy. I must confess, that I do spend allot of time in Homewares stores. The main reason is that I love everything about them, particularly the lovely wares you can find and the beautiful wave of aromas that overwhelm the senses on entry. I especially love those fancy boutique stores that have a coffee shop too; Tea and Homewares for me personally is the perfect combination to a lovely and relaxing outing. I do view this as an irreplaceable experience and would never like to see it disappear so when possible, I like to shop bricks and mortar.
Ikat Pouffe by Ikat & Batik
  Often I will come across a product that definitely has a handmade look about it however when I look more closely the item is not actually handmade by a person as such. It's just following current style and design trends; Maybe the product is crocheted somehow, crafted from contrasting and whimsical patterned fabric or has a wonky button that gives it a rustic, handmade or recycled look. I cannot help but fondly think of the Handmade Community, Made It and Etsy because of trends these platforms have helped inspire or invoke. I also think of the fabulously made wares listed that are indeed handcrafted, are the real deal and for realistically wonderful prices too. I know, I hear you, clearly I view the importance of online shopping too, both realms are so very important don't you think?

Pom Pom Garland by YesUMay

Upcycled Clock by Shannybeeboo

Tissue Tassel Garland by Francis Moulin
All of these beautiful wares pictured are from an Etsy Treasury I created yesterday. To see all of the lovely wares I chose you can visit here. I rarely find the time to curate an Etsy treasury, specifically because I am conscious of the fact that you need time to do it well. Surprisingly on this particular rainy Brisbane day, I found a moment so thought I would play "House and Etsy" stylist. Yes, not only can you shop vintage and handmade on Etsy, you can also play the stylist too! I do try to have a theme in mind before I begin, particularly so that I stay on track and avoid being lost in an Etsy tangent of crazy beautiful things. Have you been there and done that already? This theme was all about Neon Bright’s matched with vivid candy and warm coloured pinks. I hope you like it! 


Chris Boyd said...

OMG, that clock is (almost literally) a spin out! With the hands where they are, I looked at it as if it were shot from above, like a sundial. Trippy! xx

Hip Brown said...

Oh My Boyd,
I know, it is so very gorgeous! I do love the work of all these beautiful shops. Thank you for dropping by, I do feel extremely privileged by a visit such as yours ;-0 x