Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A splash of Red

Thursdays Post: A splash of Red
Colour has always inspired me. Red in particular is a personal favorite of mine. I use it a great deal in my work and especially to decorate my house. I do use other colours too purely for the sake of room mood however red is my constant and my signature. For me personally, its one of those stand out colours that helps tie everything in. Do you have a favorite colour theme that you regularly like to use?
 Me- Up Town Manhattan 1996
Here is a picture of me at age 22 in New York City, up town Manhattan. I loved this red door so much so, that now that I own my own home, I too now have my own my own red door. Do please scroll down!

Up town Brisbane 2012 (Well... North West actually ;-0)
Here is one of my favourite mothers day gifts, it decorates the window by my bedside. Naturally I love it because my three year old August(Gus) painted it for me... and because its a lovely, beautiful shade of red. Its the personal touches that also make a home, don't you think?

Here is a lovely vintage thrift shop find. I love the red tin lid and the warratah flowers. It lives on top of a cupboard in our kitchen with a few other savvy jars and things. Not everything fabulous needs to cost a fortune!

Hip Dotti by Hip Brown. This photograph compliments of

Initially the entire Hip Brown children's belt range was lined in a red zephyr vinyl. This was a primary consideration for the Hip Brown label design by Jude Robinson, I wanted the label to be just as important as the colourful belt! Things have progressed and I use other colours now too... Its important to shake things up a little!
Hip Oli Belt By Hip Brown.
P.S There will be no Thursdays Post next week due to family commitments. Also all of my online stores will be closed until Sunday February 5. Thanks for following!


Miu And Umi said...

You've gotta love red - the power colour!
Your door looks great. I'm tossing up between chinese laquer black or fire-engine red for our front door... you may have just helped me make up my mind!

Rachael Honner said...

So glad I have helped you find your door colour... fire engine red sounds devine. You will have to send me a pic sometime x

thursday said...

I have always loved a red door but when we moved into our house I met the first one I didn't like. It just wasn't the right shade. When I see it I can only think of dried blood. It's not good. I've picked up a can of chartreuse and I'll be painting up a storm when my kid is out of the house next weekend. Can't wait!