Monday, September 17, 2012


Tweet or Instagram your "make do and style" snaps. Use the #makedoandstyle

"Make do and style" is a collection of reality interior-styling snaps. You can visit last weeks "make do and style" blog posting here. I had so much fun putting it together; it is something that I am really passionate about and plan to make it a regular Thursday session. There really are some fabulous stylists and interior lovers out there who make their homes look great without things being overly perfect or by spending a complete fortune; It is reality styling at its best!

Anyone is welcome to join the "make do and style" fun.... it is simply the act of styling and injecting a little love into your home. It may be a small or large project! Take a picture of it and share via twitter/ instagram using the #makedoandstyle. The focus is more about "styling with love and smidgen of creativity" not necessarily with the price tag!


Scandi Coast Home said...

A great idea Rachael,
I am planning on joining Instagram any minute now so I would love to participate ;o)
Tania xx

Hip Brown said...

Hi Tania, Instagram is my favourite! You will love it... such a great way to keep connected.

Chrisy said...

I'm heading over there now Rachael...what a fab idea...we all love peeking into other people's homes...thank you!

Sherry said...

I just came from visiting Make do & style. Wonderful concept, I'm always of the opinion we should use what we have before we buy. The gratification is more rewarding.

Jo Coastal Home Love said...

Love it Rach! Still chuffed that you featured one of my pics last week! Jo xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for featuring me Rach and I love your make do and style idea :)
Cas x