Thursday, July 19, 2012

Flipping Re-Styles and A Lamp Revamp

I have been busy flipping between our much needed master bedroom makeover and studio/ office re-styling. Love that word Re-Styling! Both projects are very slowly getting there and I am ok with that. Truthfully speaking, I am thankful for the hiccups and time delays because this is where I find the time and distance to view things a little objectively. And just for kicks and giggles, I do like to see if I have strayed or stayed with my original theme. Do you like to think things through or just get them done, like yesterday, like now? Ah I know that feeling too!
Quite the jar storage session going on... so perfect for trinkets, twine and label tags

An Office Lamp- Restyle

  Can you believe this lamp would not leave us even after we sold it on ebay! Now I figure it is welcome to stay. So I painted it white (it was previously black) and re-styled the lamp head with a doily. I think it looks much more organic in our office space now too.

A sneaky snippet of the Hip Brown Work Space
 I am also working on a jute wall hanging project for our bare wall in our living area... I am quite excited about this one! I want it to be enormous and maybe it will also have lots of these luscious blue/ green chunky pom poms. Pom Poms bring back such lovely vintage memories don't they? I had actually forgotten how to make them but my 7 year old, Oliver recently showed me how.
Ah Pom Poms!

Poofy Cheeks


Jo Coastal Home Love said...

I love the lamp revamp.. totally tres chic! ;) Jo x

Tania Maree said...

Hi Rachael,
I literally just finished a lamp post (yes, that's right......a post about a lamp). I love this doily idea......a touch of the handmade all the way works for me.
I need to work out how to make those pom poms again too......;o)
Tania xx

Tania Maree said...

Hi Rachael,
I love the crochet lamp beanie. What a lovely touch of the handmade.
A great us some more ;o)
Tania xx

Sherry said...

How neat to make a doily for your lamp! I do like.

Hip Brown said...

Thankyou lovely ladies, glad you like! Tania, I will show some more... when its ready to show ;-). Ooh must pop by and see your lamp post then. Thanks too Sherry!

DIY Show Off said...

What a sweet lamp revamp and I love jars as storage...something about the collection is just so charming. Loving the sneak peeks! ;)

Chrisy said...

Am in awe of your creativity...lovin that lamp!