Thursday, May 24, 2012

DIY Garland Project

Garland Nostalgia Project
When I was a child, garland streamers hung like curtains in doorways; they were so very much a part of the normality of Australian living. They were also the only Eco friendly way to keep the flies out of the kitchen or the local fish and chip shop. They made this wonderful flapping sound in the gentle breeze... oh boy, a little garland nostalgia for you!

This garland is mostly inspired by nature, specifically made to style the dining area of our open plan living room. 


I wanted to use dried leaves because they are readily available and because it’s difficult to beat nature at its best. I added feathers and faux flower centres. I wired these together with florist wire. I also made my own flowers from feathers and Milner's netting, simply by cutting small squares and wiring them together on the diagonal with flower centres.
Handmade Flowers and Feather Buds

Garland- Horizontally suspended
Garland- Vertically suspended
Now I really am quite torn as to which way I should hang this?  
Rach x


Tania Maree said...

I so remember those coloured streamers and the sound they made.
They were in the days when you could leave your doors open......
Bring them back I say!!!
I LOVE your garland......very clever!
Tania xx

Hip Brown said...

Thanks Tania for your lovely message. Yes, bring back the garland streamer!!! Imagine them lined in beautiful fabrics or beautifully themed nude or neon colours. Could look quite fabulous indeed ;-0 xx